On grate or rib rack in WSM?

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  1. Doing some BBs for the first time next weekend.  Getting the three pack from Sams.  This will be an experiment to say the least.  Ive read people doing 2-2-1 for BBs so im going to to do that route.  From what i can tell BBs are alot more tender and spares have more flavor?  I was wondering what some of you use in your WSM for ribs.  Do you prefer a rib rack or straight on the grate?  I know straight on the grate will be easier to foil but rack will get more smoke.  Planning on using both grates so i will be smoking 6 racks total.  Will a rib rack even fit on the lower grate?
  2. not that I am any type of expert, but I went without the rib rack and absolutely loved the last two times I did ribs. The best I have ever smoked.
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    If your BBY's are thick then they probably will not fit in a rib rack. Which WSM do you have? Rib racks will fit in the bottom and on top in a 22.5". I do think BBY ribs have more flavor, butt if you smoke spares right then you cannot go wrong with either one. Good Luck!!!
  4. I have the 22" WSM. How many racks of BBs were you able to fit in your WSM?
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    I use the Weber racks & You have to bend them a little to get BB's in. I also leave a space between the ribs,. so you could fit 3 racks in the Weber rack. Or 3 racks will easily fit on the grate, so 3 on top & 3 on the bottom. I'm kinda with chorizodahitman when he says he likes the ribs better when they are smoked in rib racks. The last ribs I did in racks were very good. Also when I foil them I use a foil pan with foil on top. You can stack them in the pan & it's a lot easier than foiling the individual racks.
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    I rarely disagree with Al.....buttttt, I prefer right on the grate. Used a rib rack breaking in the MasterForge gasser and it was a pain. Have also found I prefer a straight 5.5 or 6 with no foil on ribs, usually Costco ones, which are nice & meaty. Dealers choice though...you'll find what works best for you
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    I usually just toss them on the racks.... and like Willy I prefer the no foil method.
  8. I do them on the rack. I always use spares. I have done them with and without foil and I like them better with the foil. I do them meat down and get good smoke flavor.

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