Oklahoma Joes 3/8" SFB on Ebay

Discussion in 'Wood Smokers' started by deltadude, Mar 18, 2010.

  1. deltadude

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    Ebay link

    There are no bids on this smoker, $450 may be ok but it is an a 2003 smoker. If you are interested in this smoker track and see if it bidding ends with no bids. You can can PM the owner and give him a bid lower. I have done this a couple of times. You should pm him and ask questions about the smoker and see if you can exchange email addr.


    Here is another one and I think this may be a deal 1/2" thick steel..

  2. jdt

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    I would have to see the first one to beleive it. I have never seen an offset Joes thicker than 1/4. Needless to say if it were older I could beleive it was a custom made but by 2003 you had no options, no ordering, 2 sizes what you see it what you get with OK Joes by then.
    Oklahoma joes sold out to new Braunsfels in 1998 which had been sold to Charbroil parent company WC Bradley CO in 1997.
    Sadly there is very little info on when and where the swithover from 1/4 to 3/16 then to 11 and 12 guage sheetmetal happened.
    With all that being said if its 1/4 or even one of the NB/CB 3/16 ones its worth the $400 IMO, not so much if its the sheetmetal version and this size is $399 brand new at academy. Looks just like what was sold at academy as a Ok Joes Longhorn, now selling as New Braunsfel longhorn


    Not sure if they have improved them with the name swithover but I looked at these 2 years ago and felt like it was a travesty to the OK Joes name, cheesy bolted on firebox and 12 guage sheetmetal.
  3. graybeard

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    I'll bet the Okee Joe is 3/16th. I asked the seller to make sure with no reply yet. The other one I do think is 1/2!
  4. dirt guy

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    I don't know of ANY Oklahoma Joe's that were 3/8" thick. I only live about 35 miles from where they were built. I had a female friend that lived across the street from where many were fabricated back in the early 2000's. I went over twice to watch them build for a few minutes. '03 models are definitely thinner than the originals.

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