Oh yeah, so then there's that "WINE" thing...

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  1. Happy Sunday Great Gorgeous Cookies of The Smoke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Try as I might, to stop drinking wine altogether (temporarily) as a means of shedding some pounds; I then start making a very simple albeit elegant salmon or mahi mahi "au poivre" (all done healthfully, without flour, butter, beef stock or any such thing) and then forget about it! My wine longings emerge!

    Suddenly, I want the sound of corks popping and a goblet in my hand while I do cook!

    Then I need to raise a glass before I eat, and "celebrate," officially, the God given gift of some lovely meal!

    Before you know it, the dinner is done, and I want to bring whatever's left (vino) up to my computer, as I do finish work/e-mails or whatever it be.

    A little hankering later on, perhaps for a handful of mussels even - with a dollop of very pungent and fabulous Dijon mustard atop - comes into my being and thus "more wine" (a glass or two only) just seems to hit the spot!

    Then I decide that gallant day aside, I will stop wine the next day! But once I am cooking, the aromas and little snitches of flavors just make me so happy! And since wine is a HAPPY thing for me, (not a "get drunk" thing or sorrowful, sad thing), these moments/meals go hand and hand.

    And so, the scale or the salacious sips? Such an interesting dilemma...

    In any event, some of my little snacks therefore, from the past couple days, are right here. Enjoy!!!!!!

    Cheers! - Leah

  2. knuckle47

    knuckle47 Meat Mopper

    Beautifully done. Nice spread but I can't figure out which one got the chocolate chips ?
  3. Thank you!!! And funny!!! (Chocolate chips). Actually, I'm probably the only gal on the planet who could care less about chocolate or sweets of any kind! (A salty broad I am).

    In any event, Cheers to you, and happy new week!!! - Leah

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