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  1. So I cured a piece of pork loin all week. Last night I put it in water to soak and forgot about it on the counter for 6 hours.. Is it safe??
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    Personally - I wouldn't touch it. Cure or not, any 'food' left on the counter for that long without the required refridge time is verboten. Someone will chime in soon w/ the scientifics. How long was it cured what did you cure with? Measurement of thickest portion of meat? <- more than likely what will be asked of you.
  3. 2.5" for 5.5 days. I left it in water on the counter.
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    Personally I would place it in my notes as, lesson learned as you don't have any idea as to how much cure was removed.  It's my opinion that the idea of curing is to put cure in, not take it out.  Try using a recipe that doesn't require soaking and you will have much less work and steady results.

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    I wouldn't trust it whatsoever.  A lot cheaper to start anew vs. food poisoning and high ER bills.  Toss it and smile, and move on.  Think of the time, trouble and aggravation you just saved you and your family!
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    these guys know more than me, but when i took my loins out of the cure, i left them to dry overnight in a 50 degree room,to form a pellicle.

    no one got sick.

    they were 12 degrees  warmer than the fridge, but not normal room temp.

    did the same with ham.

    as long as it's winter, i'll keep doing that.

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