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Discussion in 'Poultry' started by bbqchris, Feb 25, 2008.

  1. did some grilling on the wend to get me a fix until i season my new somker this weekend. Had tickets to a moonlight outdoor cinema up the road on sat night, so thought i'd be a good boyfriend and prepair a picnic hamper for myself and the gf. Decided to make roast beef rolls with rocket, prosciutto, swiss cheese, carmalised onions and my horeradish+mayo+mustrad sauce - yum :)

    started with a 1.5kg beef blade roast cut (cost: $14 australian)
    marinated overnight on friday with olive oil, paparika, sea salt, pepper, lemon pepper, also jammed garlic slices and rosemary into the beef.

    sat breakfast i pulled the beff outta the fridge and also 3 chicken thighs i defrosted the night before that i figured we can have for lunch. Cranked on the oven and started trimming the fat off the chicken and then marinated in olive oil, rosemary, thyme, garlice, sea salt, pepper and fresh lemon juice -and chucked back into fridge.

    i would have loved to smoke the roast, but i wanna do a brisket first on my first smoke anyways. Cooked the roast on 200 Degress for 30mins, foiled and the cooked on 130 Degress for another 2hrs.

    For lunch the chicken turned out great, was basting it on the grill alot. Had with a side rocket and prosciutto balsamic/garlic salad.

    Cant wait to do my first proper q-view, but at least this gets me on my way
    (next time thou im not going to use greasy hands to get jars from the cupboard, see evidence in first photo of smashed sea salt jar - oops)
  2. jerkyaddict

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    chris looks like you did quite well , and whats a jar of salt compared to good eat's anyhow.......keep up the qview and get smokin . trust me after you start a smokin the grill's gonna feel like a stepchild , cause it's just not the same flavor without that smokey kiss on it !!![​IMG]
  3. Looks great the g/f was pleased. [​IMG]

    Where in Australia are you located?
  4. travcoman45

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    Those are some mighty fine lookin vittles you fixed there!
  5. hey smokin' joe - im in sydney, pretty close to the harbour bridge and city

    ps - dont laugh, but whats this vittles business all about ey?
  6. mossymo

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    Here is how the dictionary describes the term -substances intended to be eaten (pack a big bag of vittles for the hike).

    I think of it as an old western cowboy term asking the range chef what type of viddles are for the meal.
  7. travcoman45

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    Vittles is a term some of us country or redneck folks use for food. Don't know if you've ever seen the Beverly Hillbillies or not, but the term was used there rather then asking granny what was for dinner, they would ask what vittles do we have? Sorry for the confusion. Just gotta bear with use rednecks, we don't change our ways very often. Cheers!

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