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Discussion in 'Fatties' started by daddyzaring, Nov 30, 2009.

  1. daddyzaring

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    What exactly is/are fatty(ies)?
  2. mr mac

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    In short, a fatty is a wonderful thing that can harden the arteries of even the most fit of humans!
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  4. mballi3011

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    A fattie is a hunk of sausage rolled out then a bunch of differant from breakfast eggs, cheese, pancakes, bacon, ham onions, peppers, and anythiong you can think of. The world is in your hands as far as the filling. Then just roll it up into a roll and then wrap it with saran wrap the grab the end of the saran wrap and twist it so it will tightening up the roll. Then put it in the frig overnight. Then into a preheated smoker at about 230-250 for a couple of hours anf then take it to about 165-170 internal temp and then takeit out let it rest then enjoy something that you will be very happy that you tried it in the first place. Then Repeat often.

  5. jehoric

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    A Fatty is what you'll be once you start making these delicious sausages.

    I've only made one, without the bacon, and it was pretty good. Actually, everyone else (I made it before a party) loved it, I thought I overcooked the sausage.

    Fatty: Sausage wrapped around whatever you want (my first had cheese, jalepenos, and onions, though it was very ambitious and had trouble wrapping around all my filling!), preferably wrapped in bacon, and then smoked for a couple of hours.

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