Newbie MES 30- First Brisket & Spareribs W/Qview

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  1. Hey Everybody,

    I'm usually a lurker, but I'm posting the results of my first brisket and second attempt at spareribs. The brisket was originally ten pounds. I cut it in half b/c it wouldn't fit in the smoker. I also had to cut the spareribs in half to fit. I put the brisket on at 12:30 am at 225 degrees- hickory chips and two pieces of charcoal to see if I could get a smoke ring. I reloaded chips every two hours and tossed in a piece of charcoal here and there. I put the ribs on at 6:15 am. I was nervous about losing heat due to putting the ribs in, but it didn't seem to hurt things too bad. I did open the door one time to adjust the thermometer probe in the brisket and one additional time to check the ribs and throw in some hot dogs. I pulled the brisket at 195 degrees at 1:00 pm and the ribs were at 180 degrees- I accidentally took a nap somewhere in there. [​IMG]  I foiled everything, wrapped them in towels, and placed them in coolers until dinner which was around 3:00pm. Everything was still piping hot, and was pretty good!

    One half of the spareribs before being cut:

    One half of the brisket freshly unwrapped:

    Hot dogs thrown in:

    My mother's attempt at slicing the brisket without an electric knife:


  2. Nice smoke man!  [​IMG]   I use an MES 30 too.  How did the dogs turn out?
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    Good looking chow!
  4. The hot dogs were good- smoked them for an hour next to the ribs.
  5. Good deal  [​IMG]   If you get bored sometime try a few that you spiral cut  [​IMG]

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