Newbie Brisket Advice please?

Discussion in 'Beef' started by dingo007, Dec 11, 2014.

  1. dingo007

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    As mentioned in Blowing Smoke....Wally World had whole brisket on special so I grabbed a 12lb'er..My plan is to cut the point and make pastrami..(since it's good and thick)....In the past i've ground the rest for sausage...however...since you fekkers have got me into smoking...i want to smoke the rest low & slow (my first time for brisket)....It's Thursday now and I'm planning on Sunday dinner...please help a simple Aussie out with your best late to order any fancy stuff...but I have a pretty well equipped spice cabinet. Using a MES30 and AMPTS.

  2. KISS SPOG. Low and slow till toothpick tender. Also keep the door shut or [​IMG]

    Happy smoken.

  3. foamheart

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       LOL... exactly what David said. Put it in, get drunk, sober up and check to see if its ready!


    EDIT:: Make sure it will all fit in your MES30 ahead of time.
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  4. oldschoolbbq

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  5. Lots of traditional Texas BBQ joints use just salt and pepper. If you have that then you at least have enough seasoning. I would recommend smoking that puppy whole for best results. If it won't fit then you can trim a little off the flat end. Of course that won't do well for your pastrami project if you keep it whole, but it really is worth it for some really good brisket, IMHO.

    If you can, do some research in the Beef section for brisket or just use the search bar. Lots of options but you will hear the same theme: put it in and leave it alone and have patience. 
  6. dingo007

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    Got it! Thanks all...gonna SPOG & wrap it today and let sit in the fridge untill Sunday morning...then plan on 1.5 -2hrs /lb @225/230F until IT of 165F...Foil until tender then wrap and rest for an hour or so (If i can keep the family off of it)

    Thanks again...I'll post some Q-view later.
  7. Looking forward to the Qview. 
  8. dingo007

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    Ha! i just got it......Took my simple brain a while to do the math....11lbs x 1.5/hrs/lb = 16.5hrs....get drunk and sober up it is !
  9. foamheart

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    Just a reminder..... if anything happens with the smoker, after 4/5 hours you can take it to the oven, it has some smoke.
  10. jirodriguez

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    ..... and don't open your smoker unless you have to! No peaking, no mopping, just leave it alone, and your patience will be rewarded.
  11. dingo007

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    Thanks guys....I'm gunna get her into the MES30 around 10-11pm Saturday night with the 12" AMPTS...should give enough smoke untill I get to it in the morning. I think I'm gunna have to move the MES to the the back shed...forecast for heavy snow Saturday night through Sunday...I guess if your gunna take on a challenge...go hard or go home!
  12. dingo007

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    Hey I started my brisky around 10.30pm last night...running at up this morning around 7am and the point was at 165F and the flat @ 180F....was a bit suprised..but rolled with it and double foiled them both thinking that I was in the  middle of the stall. Well here it is @ 10.30am and the point is @ 197F and the flat @ 201F...[​IMG]....rolled with it and added another layer of foil and wrapped in towel into the cooler. The brisky smells and looks awesome...skewer slides right in like butter. So I guess it's done. Problem is it's 10.30am and I'm planning on eating it for dinner. I was expecting more like a 16hr cook.

    How long can  I leave it in the cooler?

    What's my alternative?  A couple of hours in the cooler and then fridge and re-heat tonight?

    If i was going to make burnt ends (as it seems I have the time now) do i still do the rest in the cooler?

    I'll be posting Q-view tonight....brisket with Dutch's ranch beans and corn bread[​IMG]
  13. foamheart

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    Did you do a toothpick test?

    Brisket is best when it cool. Most folks will allow a rest period or the refrig. I would leave it in the cooler, You'll be fine.

    If you attempt to slice a brisket when its done and hot it will crumble. You'll be fine. LOL... What was that word? Oh yeah, Patience.

    I am not a brunt ends fan, but the few times I have done it, I separated the point when it comes out the smoker. Hotter it is the easier it separates, but be careful the meats can also seperate on you. But as I said, only done burnt ends a few times. To me Brisket is a sandwich meat, its a great one too!

    Sliced brisket, sliced bread and a fresh onion........ you just can't improve on it.
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  14. dingo007

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    Thanks Foam,

    I did the toothpick test and I think it is ready....just concerned it will be stone cold by dinner time. this is my first brisket and I've never eaten burnt i figure I may as well wee what all the fuss is about. Made my first sausage gravy and biscuits this morning...just because i'd never tried them. It's my nature. [​IMG]
  15. b-one

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    I love burnt ends and I'll eat them if you don't like them! Left over flat makes some good hash among other things. I always plan to eat when it's done(after the rest) so any guests need to be ready to show up early or stay late because I'm eating wether there here or not. You still need to post the qview!!!
  16. foamheart

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    Sausage gravy! There a meal that'll stick to your ribs. You can apprecaite that one all day long!
  17. dingo007

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    You're right there put a serious dent in my motivation today......'s the Q-view of the brisky...

    Woke up to this....looks like good cold smoke weather....brisket...not so much

    Corn bread ready to go

    Carving the flat

    Burnt ends...not as burnt as they should be...but they were awesome.

    The money shot....brisket, burnt ends, Dutch's ranch beans and corn bread

    Followed up by Pear Clafouti

    I'm certainly no BBQ expert, but this turned up better than any brisket I had Q joints in my area. The meat was super tender and moist...Dutch's beans have ruined canned beans forever and my wife liked the corn bread (i'm not much of a fan of the texture)...I'll be eating brisket for the next month and enjoying it.

    Thanks to everyone for the advice and walking me through the process.  Onto my next challenge!
  18. foamheart

    foamheart Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Looks mighty good. Nice looking

    AND I think that is the best looking Pear Clafouti I have ever seen!

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  19. rp ribking

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    Great job on the brisket. 
  20. That looks very, very nice. Seriously good work.

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