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    Never though about seeing if there was a forum for bbq but I'm glad I did. I enjoy grilling and am looking for tips amd tricks. I work with a guy that owned his own bbq place and he gave me a recipe for smoking a boston butt thats amazing. I was a little skeptical at first but after trying it, its my go to recipe.

    Starting out:

    I use Hickory wood, I've noticed alot of talk about woods is what flavor you want but I think your location has a big influence as well.

    Ice Cream Salt.........thats it.........generously rub the salt all over the meat.......I mean generously. Place it in the smoker for your desired time. About 2 hours before the meat is done take your favorite bbq sauce and mix it in a pot with vinegar (I'll be trying apple cider vinegar next time) and mix until the bbq slides off your spoon when you remove it. Bring that to a boil. Make a "boat" with aluminum foil and put the meat in that, pour the bbq sauce over to, cover and place back in smoker. The meat is not salty like you would think but will slide right off the bone, the sauce that is in the boat will taste absolutely amazing as well. I like this recipe because it focuses on the actual flavor of the meat instead of crazy rubs and injections.

    I'm definately going to try some of the recipes I see on here, I found the bbq bible at a yard sale and theres a recipe for a memphis style rub that sounds pretty prime. I'll share the recipes from the book after I test them out myself.

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