New to smoking and want to smoke ribs

Discussion in 'Pork' started by mike nwpa, Apr 1, 2013.

  1. Hello,

    I am very new to this and bought a 40in Master Forge Electric Smoker.  I want to smoke ribs for a party in a few weeks and would appreciate any easy beginner advice you nwould have to offer as far as temp to smoke at and times or anything else you feel is important.

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    St Louis style ribs are my favorite. Cheaper, meatier, and as good or better than BB's when done right. And they work very well with the tried and true 3 2 1 method. Rub the nite before with yellow mustard and some of your favorite rub. 3 hours on the smoker (spritz with apple juice once or twice), wrapped in foil with a little juice for about 2 hours, open the foil and cook on smoker for 1 last hour. Temp of about 225 - 235. Just about any type of wood for smoke (be careful with mesquite with ribs). And good luck.
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      Welcome to the forum Mike! Glad to have you with us!  A few things we would like you to do. Please add your location  so we know what area you live in. It helps on what advice we give. Also, since you are new to smoking, take Jeff's free 5 day e-course. Lots of good info there. Don't forget the seach bar. It will give you lot's of help. Other thaqn that, ask questions. Plenty helpfull people here.

      Now for your questions:

          For spare ribs check the 3-2-1 method. Baby backs a 2-2-1 method. 3 (or 2 ) with smoke, 2 wrapped in foil, 1 with heat. For ribs, use a rub you like and usually about 240 degree smoker temp. Use a thermometer that has been tested for accuracy to determine the grate temp.

       Also, practice with a rack or two before the party just to get a good feel for what you are doing! I'm sure you will have more questions after that. Bring them on!

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    What they said....look up the 3-2-1 method. Almost foolproof.
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    Member crvtt has a thread going right now about 321 with pics. Look it up.
  6. Thanks for the advice.  I am going to try a test batch this weekend.
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    Let us know how u made out.
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    Good luck, Mike, and after you've done a practice run, post any questions that arise.  Like the rest of these guys, I usually do 3-2-1 St. Louis style spare ribs, but we like baby backs occasionally too, which would be 2-2-1.  You can use the search bar at the top of the page to find lots of threads on all of this.
  9. Things went pretty well.  I tried one rack in a baking tin and one right on the smoker racks.  The one in the tin was fall of the bone tender.  The one on the racks was much more firm.  I think I would like them somewhere in the middle better.  I cooked them between 215 and 230.  Overall I think it went well and look foreward to next weekend.  I had taken pictures but have no idea how to post them.
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  12. stupid technology!!  Can't see to defeat this computer to post picks.  Sorry. 
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    My tip that I give anyone cooking ribs. Before putting on the grill/smoker, but after applying rub, put a coating of brown sugar on the top of your ribs from end to end. Let it sit at room temperature until the brown sugar melts. You will have a nice glaze when its fully melted. Then cook them up however you are going to cook them. That added step adds just a nice little sweetness when you first bite in, and blends well with whatever rub and/or sauces that you use. The tip was given to me as something BBQ competitors use in competition, and I now use it on every rack of ribs I cook. Good Luck.
  14. If my party is going to be around 15 people how many racks of spare ribs should I smoke?  We are also deep frying a turkey and making 16 pounds of chicken wings.  I was thinking 2 racks but not sure that seems like enough.
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    Figure 2 bones per person, roughly 8-10 bones per rack, I would do at least 4 racks.... probably more like 5.
  16. Well the store messed up and ordered babybacks instead of spare ribs.  Now I have babybacks.  Is there anything I have to do different?  I think I smoke them for one less hour but do they need trimmed or anything?  Thanks
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    Nope.... just pull the membrane off of the bone side, if the store didn't do it for you.
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    Mike, as a new smoker myself, I've done very well, however, ribs are not very forgiving. I highly encourage you to do several test smokes prior to your get-together!!! I've smoked everything in the fridge, but damn, did I screw my first attempt at ribs!!!
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    You're right.  Go to the 2-2-1 times instead.  And just keep an eye on them for the last hour.  You will probably overcook the ribs with 3-2-1.  Be sure to add a bit of liquid to the ribs when you foil.  Apple juice or white grape juice works well with a little honey and brown sugar.  Don't sweat'll do great.
  20. I had many compliments on how great  the ribs were.  Unfortunately my friends came over to early in the cooking process and as the beverages flowed so did my memory of exactly what they turned out like or how they tasted.  But I seem to remember them being good.  Next party I need different friends and maybe I will turn out better.

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