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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by rocksolidata, Jul 5, 2014.

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    So about 7-8 years ago I was exposed to good smoked meat by a friend who moved to So Cal from Texas.  He started smoking meats on his day off and having us over for as he called it "Guinea pig night."  Then about a year after he started this he moved back to Texas.  Since then I have been without good home cooked BBQ.  

    This past week was my 31st Birthday and I said all I wanted was a smoker... And guess what... I got it!  It is just a Brinkmann Offset but hey it is a place to start my obsession.  

    I am looking forward to diving in head first.  As we speak I am "seasoning" my smoker in preparation for my first round of fun!
  2. Well Happy birthday and welcome to the group. Good luck with the new smoker if you have issues with it lots of Brinkmann users here that are glad to help out. You can post it here or check for the issue in the search bar and help is a click away. Again good luck and keep smoking. 
  3. Hello and welcome from East Texas, congrats on the new smoker.

    Gary S

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