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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by brill, Sep 6, 2015.

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    Although I have been grilling for many years, I just starting smoking in the past year. My wonderful wife bought me a nice electric smoker for Christmas last year, and we have been using it at least twice a month. I will be using it even more now that football is back! War Eagle btw. :) I love to smoke most anything, but my favorite is pork butt, followed my brisket. I don't get to do much brisket lately though because it is just too expensive right now. 

    I have an old fridge in my garage that I am thinking of turning into a smoker. we have fund raisers for the kids from time to time, and smoking several butts at a time while hanging out with friends is always a good time.

    I live in the greater Birmingham area in the small city of Kimberly. As you might guess, I am fanatical about college football and tailgating. I am looking forward to getting better at cooking meat with the help of everyone at smoking meat!
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    War Eagle from Maine from an ole Sand Mountain (Sylvania) boy and welcome to the forum. There is a world of information to be found here and lots to be learned regardless of one's experience. Input from all is welcome.

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