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  1. Good morning from Baton Rouge,

    I'm fairly new to smoking/grilling.  I cook the normal - boston butt, brisket, baby back bibs and usually for about 12-15 people.  My Weber kettle style grill is getting old, so I started for a once in a lifetime grill/smoker.  I had my heart set on a XL Big Green Egg, but now I'm having doubts.  Once I buy the egg, along with the accessories, and a table, I'm looking at roughly $2,000.  That's in the same ballpark as a Jambo Backyard and $500 or so more than a Lane 36" Deluxe Patio.  I really like the idea of being able to cook low and slow or really hot and fast on the BGE, but I don't want to make a mistake and buy the wrong thing.  What advantages does the Jambo or the Lane have over the BGE other than larger cooking surface?  What would y'all do?  
  2. Hello.  I think you are asking the wrong folks here.  Most of us have at LEAST 2 smokers.  I sold one so now I am down to 3 but I am about to buy a Weber kettle.  My advice would be to decide what you will be smoking MOST often and for how many people.  Spend your money there.  Then you can buy some of the knock offs cheaper to cover the "occasional" need.  Sure the knock offs aren't of the same quality but once you have the experience you can make them work for the odd occasion and the price is right.  That's my 2 cents.  Keep Smokin!

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    my Klose knock-off of a BYC(Back Yard Chef) . I can easily feed 150 people . Got all the  bells and whistles as Klose at about a third less . You live in 2hrs. from his shop so shipping is not a factor,mayb e even see a scratched one for even less. [​IMG]

     My little girl is an Original NB RedRiver  model. I've reversed her and she AND her Big Sister turn out some good Que.

    If you are going where I think you are  , you should do as an old Gentleman suggested to me ... 'get one a size bigger than you think you need' . This is true, only now I wish I would have gone even bigger   [​IMG]

    Have fun and . . .
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