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  1. Hello All-

    Mike P. from KC (Kansas City)!! Just entering the BBQ scene this year with some minor experience using a ECB (Dad smoked Turkeys during the fall while I was growing up). Early this spring I purchased a Chargriller Super Pro...I have been doing mods every weekend since. I am at the point now where I would like to quit my job and focus on BBQ 100% [​IMG] !!! Not going to happen, so I am spending my weekends researching and BBQ'ing.

    Here are the mods I've done so far:

    · Installed support arm for side fire box (eliminates the opportunity for sag between fire box and grill)
    · Extended stack to grill level
    · Installed grommet for Temp leads
    · Installed baffle
    · Installed extra hooks for "gear"
    · Installed two Horizon thermometers (cool!!)
    · Recently sanded the initial rust spots and re-coated with high temp paint. (looks great)

    Still need to do some sort of mod to the firebox...not sure if i need to go the basket route or raise the grate to get better air flow?? I have also seen some pics of adding an additional vent??

    On to the results!!

    In short, the first pork butt was outstanding!! The three after that sucked (for whatever reason, I was pulling them off at 180 thinking I could pull them at that temp?? You live, you learn). And last weekend i smoked a pork butt, a brisket and 3 racks of baby backs...I cant begin to describe how good it turned out!!!!!

    Needing some help on what i will call fire management (starting and maintaining the heat). Also needing help on "the smoke"...a little confusion as to all wood? All charcoal? a combo of both? Blue or White? and so on... All is good for now, thinking of some chicken this weekend. I guess I need to get into some other threads for some specific questions? Not sure how the forum works...but it said this is where i should begin!! Talk to everyone soon. MIKE
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    TBS man....TBS. And that machine is not designed for all wood. You COULD preburn wood to coals and add that, but it'd be a huge wood waste. Get a bed of lump going for your heat, and add chunks as needed. And keep it THIN BLUE! :{)

    Welcome to SMF!
  3. I figured as much. How do you keep the smoke thin and blue? I cant say that I've payed much attention to it in the past...but...if im getting white puffy smoke what am i doing wrong? Thanks MIKE
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    Welcome to the forum Mike!
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    Welcome from 2 hours east.

    Sounds like you're hitting the floor running. You've done the important things to your chargriller, but you really do need to do someting with the firebox. I don't know what the heck the Chargriller folks ere thinking when they designed that thing. It just can't breath in it's stock configuration. You need to either build a basket that you can easily remove, or build a raised grill grate. The idea is to have plenty of room under the grate so that ash can accumulate, yet still allow air flow to reach the burning embers.

    Again, welcome.
  7. Great article from Richtee!! Very informative. As far as the firebox goes, I was throwing around the idea to "extend" the firebox downwards...I would create a "catch/trap" coming off the bottom. The coals would burn, then the ash would fall to the bottom of the trap (there would be a door of some sorts to empty the trap). The slide out tray would be eliminated. I think this would give the ultimate air flow based on the design? This is obviously a little more in-depth procedure with lots of welding...not sure if i want to tackle it or just create a basket out of expanded steel. Does anyone know of any pics/info on what others have done in this situation?? I have attached a rough diagram...Take a look and let me know your thoughts. Thanks MIKE
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    Hmm well, I guess it would work, but a slightly raised custom basket is prolly all you'll need, and quite a bit simpler and cheaper. OK- ALOT of both.
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    Keep at it. Them awesome smokes sure make all the effort worth while.
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    Welcome to t e SMF, Richtee is right on it as usual.
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    Welcome to the forum! by the way, I agree with Ritchee
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    Welcome to SMF......Glad to have ya
    Rich wont steer ya wrong.....And to be honest with ya everyone here has been very good to me....U got a question?.........I guarantee you will get an answer....and not just one.....You are in good company.
  13. Here is what I use for my charcoal in the firebox.
    It has held up great, no signs of wearing out due to heat etc. - keeps the charcoal up out of the ash.
    Just remove the handle and rig it into the firebox on those rails going down the sides... inexpensive solution to a common problem [​IMG]
  14. Wow...what a welcome! Thanks for all the great input!! I think Rich was correct in both areas...its a good thought, but the amount of time it will take along with the cost just doesnt make sense. The Lowes basket is a great idea, but I would still like to see how some others have fabbed the baskets out of steel ( i have some expanded steel that i would love to use for this project). Working on getting some pics uploaded. Thanks MIKE
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    Yeah, another one bitten, wants to go into buisness. That Smoke Bug gets around.LOL!

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