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Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by bearhunting, Dec 12, 2014.

  1. ok I have been  lurking around here for some time now basically a nightly read  and finally decided it was time for a build .

    I decided on a hybrid reverse flow ( so to speak)  .I wanted to use propane for heat as access to smoking wood is limited .

    I started with a 100lb propane tank  and over the last couple weeks managed to get the build don other than seasoning and paint.

    here is the burner I made from a piece of 11/4 "square tube

    5" sq
  2. a few picks of the rest of the build

    the small fire box   centered on the cooking chamber houses the burner and an for wood block  r flow plates allow smoke to circulate from each end .  I fired it up and reached  a temp of 250  in 15 minutes , should be easy to hold temperatures   will be running it up hot in am to burn the metal oils off then will put  the cooking oil to it  to season her up.  As its getting  hot I will take a few hours to clean up the shop , and perhaps enjoy a rum or two, will be trying a batch of ribs on Tuesday  

    I would like to thank every one who has contributed to this forum as such a vast  amount of knowledge on here for all to use.

     I decided on this build after finding a similar build on u tube 

    I can hardly wait to give her a run  and see what it works like
  3. thesmokist

    thesmokist Meat Mopper

    Very nice man! Good job
  4. jarjarchef

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    Very cool looking smoker. Can't wait to see the food you produce in it.
  5. Nice looking smoker. I see many years of great Q in your future. You said you couldn't get wood where you are. If you would add your location to you profile someone might know of a source just down the road.

    Happy smoken.

  6. Be sure and post pictures of your first smoke


    we do have access to a few different woods for smoking like Manitoba maple, apple,choke cherry , Saskatoon,and they all are local to me , but I dont have a lot of storage for wood and thought that the propane for heat and a small amount of wood for smoke was a better option for me .

    I firerd it up for first full burn off of the new metal in it, reached 325 then, but didnt want to get much hotter than that(should be plenty hot for what I want). let it run there fot one hour, then I opened it up and gave it a very liberal spray down with canola oil , closed her up and let it work. once it quit smoking from the oil i applied it again, when it had burnt off the oil the second time opened it up nice rich brown color on all the metal then i cut back the heat and threw a couple of 3 "x5"long chunks of maple in the pan on the burner . she smoked for about an hour on that much wood.

    cant wait to throw some ribs on it next Tuesday, have a staff potluck lunch , might have to do some jerky to. 

    picks of the first cook to come.
  8. ok picks of my first smoke  had a potluck dinner at work so this is what I took

    ribs ,fish and some moose jerky

    ribs and jerky were great  fish was a little to salty but ok with a good shot of rum

    ribs were a big hit


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