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Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by figuredmeout, Aug 4, 2014.

  1. So I have found the perfect budget build for me.  We removed a Pylon sign today that had and 18" diameter 0.250" wall pipe, and managed to get me a piece of it.  My goal for this build is keep the cost down as low as I can without sacrificing quality.  That being said I am planning on using the 18" pipe for the FB too. The stand and stack I should be able to salvage from the steel in old signs. I for see needing to buy the plate for the RF plate and end, and misc. thermometers, handles wheels, etc.  I look forward to sharing this build.  I will post pictures as I have them.
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    You can make some nice wheels out of 4" wide x 18" pipe and some solid rod for spokes...There was a guy that used pieces of pipe to make his wheels and they turned out really nice.

    Let us know when you decide how long the cook chamber will need to be and we'll help you run it through the calculator if you need help.
  3. That's a good idea I might use that one.  Any tips on how to build it and keep the wheel centered where it will roll properly.  I also really like the Hatchet handle idea from M7's build.  I notice people using latching handles on their fireboxes.  Is that needed with a firebox made from pipe or will the weight of the door create a decent seal.  Also how important is the end being rounded, are there ways to make up for not having the rounded end. Insulation maybe?
  4. How about some Qveiw to hold everyone until I'm through the design phase
  5. The wheels on my smoker we made using some 13" pipe we had lying around spokes are 5/8' round rod

    Smoker in my avatar
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    Keep us posted ,[​IMG].
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    Great looking Q view! That's enough to make your mouth water and it looks like the smoker is cooking great!
  8. I wish it was my new that is on my old rig a horizontal offset charbroil from walmart. It's inexpensive but does the job if you know how to work it things have finally slowed down enough at work I'm hoping to be able to get to work on it really soon
  9. OK what does everyone think of a 60" CC and 24" FB and is there a problem with having the door to the FB open in the same way as the CC? 
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    Welcome to SMF. There is a lot of help here to get your cooker built.

    As far as door openings, it's a matter of personal preference. I put my FB door on the front for 2 reasons. Ease of loading (IMHO) and most important ease of construction. Putting a side FB door with air intakes is a bit more complex. I'm just a do it yourself type of guy who owns some metal work tools.

  11. Picked up my pipe this morning 10 feet of 18" x 0.250 wall pipe I'm thinking 60" CC and 24" FB I'm thinking 3" stack which should put me in the 30"-40" range. If understand the calculator stuff i need to put the info in with a 20" FB to get the exact stack length vents and CC/FB opening
  12. That will be a nice smoker, if you have the availability of 4" pipe, think about that instead of 3" unless you really want a tall smoke stack. Keep us posted on the progress

    Gary S
  13. I have both available I was worried that 4" might make it too short. I am definitely open to suggestions
  14. Based on what you said, your CC vol. is 15,268 cu. in   Stack Vol. should be 259.56 cu in   (260")   3" pipe would have to be 36.72"   a 4" pipe would have to be 20.66"

    Gary S

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