New Braunfels never seen this one before..

Discussion in 'Side Fire Box' started by smokenado, Sep 8, 2013.

  1. smokenado

    smokenado Smoke Blower

    My dad dropped this thing off got it for $10 it seems like a gas grill Pitt with a fire box on the side made by New Braunfels. I've broken it down and plan to overhaul just wonder if anyone has seen this model before can't find any images online. There are some support pieces missing so I would like a reference photo if possible.
    I've started the overhaul this week with some major sanding on the Pitt so far hope to get the whole thing sanded this weekend.
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  2. smokenado

    smokenado Smoke Blower

    About 50 percent done
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  3. smokenado

    smokenado Smoke Blower

    I'm just about to finish with this restoration project. I have decided to make this a propane smoke so stay tuned for the future details
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  4. woodcutter

    woodcutter Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Looking good!
  5. smokenado

    smokenado Smoke Blower

    All done and she's a full blown propane smoker.

    I made this smoker full propane as I have a charcoal unit and though I'd give propane a try.
    I used Bayou Classic hose, regulator from Lowes for $20 and the Bayou Classic BG 10 from Amazon for $15

    The first pork butt I just smoked today made me a believer in Propane. It was so easy I noticed no change in taste if not better.
    I cooked a 8 pound butt for 12 hours at 260 and had to make few if any changes during the whole time.

    I used about 30% of my tank which I get filled at Uhaul for $20 so I can smoke a 8 pound butt for about $7 of fuel vs what I was spending in Charcoal.
    The temperature stayed dead on and the ease of the whole smoke just made it well worth the effort.
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  6. chef jimmyj

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    That is an interesting piece of equipment. The SFB is almost as big as the Smoke Chamber. Good luck and nice job on the resto'...JJ
  7. s2k9k

    s2k9k AMNPS Test Group

    That's a really nice restoration! It looks brand new!! Great job!!!
  8. smokenado

    smokenado Smoke Blower

    Thanks it took way too much time I almost tossed it in the garbage as it looked like to much work.
  9. smokenado

    smokenado Smoke Blower


    I've done a ton of searching and can only find two other photos of this smoker. I would say it was either the last one this company did before they sold out. The interesting thing was the fire box had a small plate at the bottom that when you removed it revealed a hole ideal for a propane gas line. Also the Pit is held into the base with retention clips. The side fire box is almost exactly the same as my brinkmann Pittmaster less the weird lid.

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