New 40" Masterbuilt - New to Smoking in Louisiana

Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by space, Jun 8, 2008.

  1. space

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    I purchased the 40" Masterbuilt special at Sams, and sorry to say for my first run, I didnt have too good a luck with a brisket. I tried to follow all the advice here, but I guess I did something wrong.

    Got up at 5:00 this morning and put the hickory chips soaking and turn the MB on. (seasoned it yesterday for 4 hours). Set at 225 and added boiling water

    Also at this time I seared the brisket on an infrared searing burner and got it good and crispy on the outside.

    Added the chips after 30 mintues and it was smoking in about 10 minutes. So 40 minutes in the smoker was about at 210, so I added the brisket (cut into 2 pieces). Let it smoke about 3 hrs and it got to 160. Then wrapped in foil and put back in smoker. It got to 190 in about 1.5 hrs. I let it rest for 45 minutes in the foil then uncovered and sliced.

    It ended up not as tender as I expected, and there was not a visible smoke ring. I added wood about every hour to 1.5 hours.

    Any suggestions to my flop?
  2. agmeyer

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    [​IMG][​IMG] Welcome to the forums; I am a new guy too so I can't really offer you any smoking advice except keep reading. Someone will try to help you; these people have it down and are willing to help. Sunday afternoon may not have many on line; but by tomorrow night you should have some advice. Semper Fi.[​IMG]
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    welcome to forum and congrats on the masterbilt!!! i dunno as i havent smoked a brisket yet but 4.5 hrs smoker time and up to 190 dont sound rite. have heard of briskets plateauing for that time??? also i have heard about the lack of smoke ring using themasterbilts. heard adding a bit of lump to wood will help with that. am sure there will be input from members with more expierience than i so watch your post. again welcome to the forum and show your smokes with qview!!!
  4. ronp

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    Welcome and congrats on the Masterbuilt.

    Did you take any Qview?
    Hmmmm, mine turned out good. I pulled both pieces it was that tender. Is it possible that you over seared and dried it out, just a thought. Did you add some liquid to the foil for braizing? The one thing I did was wrap in juice and left it in the smoker all night at 220' or there abouts and it worked out well. Did you use any rub?
    Here is a link to my experience.

    I'm sure someone will have a better answer, sorry.

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