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  1. Hey folks...

    I currently have a MB propane smoker.  I did my first smoke this past weekend and the temps were all over the place.  I didn't adjust anything and left the vents the same just to see the range of would be as low as 205 and then as high as 245 within 15-20 minutes.  Wind was hardly an issue, so I hope the needle valve will help.  Any other suggestions to help regulate the temp would be much appreciated!  Here is my smoker:

    Anyway...I've read quite a few threads on needle valves and the one that keeps coming up is this: 

    I understand that I will need to buy extra fittings, and that's okay with me.  Here's my main question...  Is it okay if I install this at the end of the propane hose and before the nob that is already on the smoker?  I read a comment before that said if I put it on before the nob it won't make a difference because the nob still regulates all of the propane.  Also...should I use tape at all of the threads?

    I've done quite a bit of plumbing jobs around the house and around I feel fairly confident...but I want to make sure I build it so it's safe and so that it works properly.

    Thanks for any/all advice!
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  3. Thanks @SmokinAl  ...That works the same as the other needle valve?  Also...I saw in some of the posts you mentioned something about a thermal blanket.  I tried following links to see where you explained it, but I couldn't find it.  Did that make a big difference with regulating temps?  If so..could you point me in that direction as well, please?

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    One is an adjustable regulator, which works like a needle valve.

    Either one will work, but you may get a finer adjustment with the needle valve.

    I don't remember mentioning a thermal blanket, but a welding blanket will help keep the heat in on cold days.

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  5. Just wanted to follow up.  I ended up going with just the needle valve and used some extra pieces to get it to fit.  I didn't find any negative posts about the regulator in line with the hose, but I found WAY more people who were excited about the valve so I decided to play it safe.  

    I honestly thought it was a bit of hullabaloo that I'd be able to control temps so much better with the needle valve, but it really works!  I'd recommend anyone with a propane smoker to install one.  I put the 90 degree piece in because the gas hose was hitting the ground when it was all straight, also, I think it gives it a better finished look.  I used the yellow pipe thread tape on all threads.

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    Is this valve for low pressure or high?  I need a low pressure needle valve and I will order it once I find out.
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    Another happy gas smoker. The needle valve really works.
    Fuzzy, the one pictured above will do just what you need. The needle valve always goes between the tank regulator and the burner in the low pressure line.
  8. @fuzzy0026  The valve above should work fine for what you need.  Just be prepared to go to the hardware store to get some extra fittings.  It took me about 10 minutes to assemble.
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    I will probably bring my safety valve with me since that is about where it is going to go.  And the safety valve only took about 6-8 trips to multiple stores to complete.  
  10. What's the purpose of the safety valve?
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    It has a Thermocouple that hooks to the bottom, and when lighting your burner, you hold down the safety valve to allow the gas to pass through, then once the thermocouple is heated up the valve stays open.  If the wind blows out the flame, the thermocouple cools down and the valve closes, and your smoker doesn't create a waiting bomb.
  12. Why does no one contact Masterbuilt and get the right regulator? That's what I did and it didn't cost a dime.
  13. I think I'm going to do the same thing and found the same safety valve as you are using.  What size male NPT threads are on the inlet and outlet?  
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    If you go to this post, it should answer your question, I think the date was 5/20/16.  I can't remember right now (at work).  I also just bought the bayou control valve, and that might eliminate some of the fittings that I already put on the safety valve, just a heads up.

    IF that doesn't help, let me know.  
  15. Looks good, appreciate the link.  1/8" MPT's

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