Needed help fixing a deck - son offered to help - made a tritip for lunch

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by idahopz, Jun 28, 2016.

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    A decade or so ago I replaced my old rotting splintery wood deck surface with hollow core composite. The deck felt really good on the feet, but because of the expansion/shrinkage due to temperature extremes, we felt the need to fix the trip hazards and install new decking.  Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately depending on perspective), we discovered that many of the stringers and some of the posts were rotting, so we decided to tear down and fix properly.

    Here's where a family member in the business can help - my youngest builds and repairs docks, so he offered to help fix things.  He's the one that just purchased a GMG Daniel Boone, and wanted to increase his cooking experience, so I offered to cook tritip for lunch.

    Here he is busily at work while the Traeger is delivering up delicious aromas.

    This is one of a three-pack of tritip that I purchased about a year ago, rubbed with salt, pepper, and garlic powder, then into plastic wrap for an hour or so. The fat was trimmed before the rub was applied.

    Into the pellet cooker for an hour of smoke, then to 325 degrees until an internal temperature of about 125 degrees

    The roast was pulled off the cooker, into a dish to catch the juices, and tented with foil for about half an hour

    Sliced and ready to eat!  I cut the roast brisket style, and let the kids have at it.

    On an aside, I got the three pack at Cash and Carry last year for $3.29/lb and just yesterday saw slices of tritip at Winco for $8.99/lb!!
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    Working around the house always gets in the way of smoking LOL TT looks great deck starting to shape up Nice Job.I just replaced 2 windows on the back of my house.Points

  3. chad e

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    Looks good. Send him to Illinois and I will cook him lunch for a new deck!
  4. smokinal

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    Nice job on the tri tip!

    It looks delicious!

    That deck job looks like a lot of work.

    Bet it will be real nice when it's finished.

    Al  [​IMG]
  5. GaryHibbert

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    That tritip looks great.  Can't find them up here.

  6. b-one

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    Tasty looking TT!
  7. worktogthr

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    That tri tip looks awesome. I'm not too handy, so I always feed those who help me with projects well. I had the same pricing experience you did. I was finding tritip about 6 months ago anywhere from 2.99-4.50 per pound and now it's 8.99!! I'm so mad because it has become one of my favorite pieces of beef
  8. idahopz

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    Thanks Richie!  That deck is going to be the death of me one of these days.  I've re-done it two times in the past 28 years, and both times had a nail accident with my foot.  Good thing my tetanus is up to date.

    Thanks for the points!
    lol, I don't think he's getting the better end of the deal!  Actually, I'm paying him his regular wage so he makes a little extra money - he's getting married this October.
    You're so right about the deck being lots of work!  I hope it turns out okay - I'm not much of a carpenter, and building docks is quite a bit different from the deck on a house due to solid anchor points and such.

    Thanks for the points, Al!
    Thanks Gary! The other day at Winco was the first time I saw them in the regular grocery chains, but at $8.99 I'd rather do tenderloin!
    Thanks for the comment, b-one!
    Thanks worktogethr!

    I can't believe how sharply the price of meat changes, almost from day to day

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