need some help on baby backs

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    i have been in north ms and sw tn all my life and love ribs. the way they cook em down here is where you have to chew on that bone like it was a ear of corn to get all the meat. read a lot of thread where the words "fall off the bone" are used and  don't like em that way at all. need some advice how to smoke mind to achieve this.   .. thanks james b.
  2. I just did some baby backs on Saturday. I let them go for 6 hours.  The first 2 hours I smoked them with cherry wood and then spritz with cranberry juice once an hour.  They were the texture you're looking for where you can bite into them but not falling off the bone.  I don't like them that way either.
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    Man, I need to stay off here when I'm under the weather.  Talk about missing the obvious.  Deleted my earlier post that focused on spare ribs.

    Baby Backs, not spares.  Baby backs not spares

    BB's are leaner than spares and can get dry and mealy rather easily.  I like them moist with a good tug.  I rarely smoke/cook BB's longer than 4 hours, using a 2.5 - 1 - .5 at 225-235F (2.5 hours unwrapped, an hour wrapped with about a half cup of apple cider, and a half hour unwrapped and sauced.  Gives a nice bite and definitely not fall off the bone. 
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