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  1. I have a smokin-it #2 mes and am going to be smoking a lot of meat including a 8# pork butt,4 racks of ribs a 10# brisket! How much wood would I use and would you smoke everything at once or separate? Can I cook things ahead of time and warm them up or would that dry it out? Help! Lol
  2. Yes you can cook it all at once if you have room. How much wood depends on taste. Yes you can cook ahead of time. then reheat. A lot of us do that. You can even freeze for later.

    Happy smoken.


    remember to post pics.
  3. Hello.  So as I understand this you are gonna try to smoke over 20 lbs of different meats on a NEW smoker?   For a party I assume?  Plan on that butt takin around 12 hrs.  The brisket can be 12 to 20 hrs. depending on the stall ( with luck 12-14 hrs. ).  You can smoke it all together if your smoker will handle it at around the 250 temp range.  That butt and brisket MUST reach an IT of 140 within 4 hours of takin it outta the fridge!  You can cook in advance and reheat.  That's about all the info I can give ya.  Maybe others will be along and post more ideas.  I gotta say good luck my friend.  Keep Smokin!.

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    If it is intact whole muscle where the surface has not been compromised (probed, injected, cut deep into...) then the 40-140 rule doesn't apply. The 40-140 rule only applies to ground meat or whole muscle where the surface has been compromised. When you inject or probe meat who's surface is between 40-140 you run the risk of pushing harmful bacteria deep inside the meat, To combat this the internal temp must reach 140 in less than 4 hours.
    I see a lot of people stick their temp probe in a 10lb butt right at the start. When they do that they have just compromised the surface and it's real hard to get a butt that size up to 140 in 4 hours. That's why I never stick a temp probe in until it's been cooking at least 4-5 hours, then I know the surface is hot and I won't have any worries. Anyway I really don't need to watch the temp go 40 50 60....I don't care about the temp until it starts getting close to 190.
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  5. Thanks everyone. How long would it take to reheat everything? I want a little smoke but not overbearing. Would you suggest cooking together or separate and reheating? Yes it's a Fourth of July party!
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    My motto is "Happiness is a full smoker!". If I'm going to fire it up and burn fue I'm going to get the most for my money, I say smoke it all together!
  7. If it will all fit. do it all at once.

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    Everyone has their own ideas, and of course they all would work. If it were me, I would cook the brisket and butt a couple a days before needed. They are the most hard to stick a stopwatch on. That way you can enjoy the smoke without all the stress of timing. Cook completely, allow to rest, then foil and throw in the fridge. You'll lose a little bark bite but it would be well worth it IMHO to be stress free on the day of the party. Besides you'll get a good nights sleep the night before the party and be read to conquer the world.

    Of course you want to have that smoker fired up and drawing attention at the party so why not do the ribs the day of the party, and throwing the brisket and butt in to warm on the last hour or so of the 3 2 1 or 2 2 1 method for cooking which I assume you'll be using. That way they all come out about the same time.

    Just another opinion to ponder. Remember we all suggest what we'd do, you'll be the one to do it. Hope your party is outstanding and the smoke is killer Try to remember to take some pictures so we can see how it came out.

    Last but not least, take notes seriously. Use what you do this time to adjust, so that next time you'll remember what it is that you think you should change. You'd hate to hit a home-run and not remember how you did it.

    Good luck whatever you do.
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  9. Thanks foamheart I think that's what I will do because I was already stressing about whether it would get done in time! So to warm them up you would recommend about an hour? Yes I will be doing the 3-2-1 format! Thanks for your help!!!👍😀

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