my whole chicken. (Byrd's byrd)

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by tbone30349, Feb 17, 2013.

  1. what up my good people. I hope this thread finds you and your families in good heath and spirits. So I did a whole chick today. I got this "sittin Chicken" thingy that I Used. Here's how it went

    I rubbed it with a bunch of stuff, then filled the sittin chicken with Goya mojo criollo. 

    Finished product
  2. so ms smoker

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      Looks tasty!  What did you think? That is what matters most.

  3. It was good, but I definitely think it should have gone longer. I pulled it at 170° in the breast, but it was still "too pink" for my liking near the joints. It was moist and juicy though and definitely worth trying again. 
  4. chef jimmyj

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    That looks great! Measure your Internal Temps in several places. Especially in the thighs near the carcass. If the bird is Brined the Breast will take the few extra degrees waiting for the Thighs to catch up...JJ
  5. pgsmoker64

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    Good lookin' bird!  Like JJ said - measure IT in more than one place.

    Also, the dark meat will look pink after smoking.  Scared my wife the first time she saw me eatin' a pink leg...LOL but it was 175* - so all was well!!!!

  6. Thanks for the input gents. 
  7. kathrynn

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    pretty bird!  [​IMG]
  8. oldschoolbbq

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    Nice. Do more and how did you do it ? Details...[​IMG]

    Have fun and as always ...
  9. mdboatbum

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    Looks great! Spatchcocking will also help even out the timing between the dark and white meat. As JJ said, brining is great insurance against the white meat drying while waiting for the dark meat.
  10. The bird was right at 5 lbs. I rubbed it with olive oil then a mixture of kosher salt, brown sugar, pepper, coriander, granulated garlic, mustard powder, chili powder, onion powder, paprika and cumin. Poured the mojo in the sittin chicken then threw it in the egg at 275°. It went for right about four hours.

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