My versionof the char griller super pro

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  1. My wife got both sides of the family to pitch in and buy me a new super pro with sfb for my birthday this past july.  I have done a few mods to the rig as follows:

    1.Extended the exhaust down the grate level

    2.Made a custom charcoal box that sits on top of some angle iron to keep it above the damper.  The local stores were out of expanded metal,so I picked up a steel veggie tray and it is working temporarily.

    These mods have greatly evened out the heat to within 20 degrees of each side of the smoker.I plan on adding dual thermometers to the lid, bigger wheels,baffle, and a temperature probe port shortly.  I have included some pics along with some Q-views. I seasoned the whole thing with some lump charcoal, hickory chunks,and some veggie oil.


    First smoke on stock set up

    Pork chops

    Exhaust extension

    Charcoal box support

    Temporary Charcoal basket

    In action

    First smoke with mods

    Not too bad, skin was too rubbery

    Some direct grilling fun

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