My thanksgiving turkey

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  1. I decided not to go with the traditional whole turkey. Instead I found a local butcher shop that had skinless turkey breast. To my surprise each breast was about 5.5 lbs each. As they were already brined. I seasoned with just black pepper. Since I was already going to be smoking the turkey breast. I smoked two garlic beef sausages. I later grilled some corn.
    Below is my cooking adventure.I used pecan wood. Brinkmann vertical smoker. I took the breast out at 165 IT and wrapped in butcher paper until I was ready to cut them up.




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    Nice smoke ! Looks great !
  3. oldschoolbbq

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    Great looking Breast and the Garlic Sausages and Corn looked great as well .[​IMG]

    Congratulations , Elchicano , and kee posting , My Friend . Anything from Texas is a treat for me . I was raised in Temple.. [​IMG]  and haven't been able to visit since '92.

    Have fun and . . .

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