My second smoker build. Wish I could keep it. It's done!! Finally.

Discussion in 'Smoker Builds' started by tknjk, May 6, 2013.

  1. tknjk

    tknjk Newbie

    Well I build my first smoker about 5 months ago. I made a tidy profit off of it. I got hooked, and decided to quit my part time

    job, and build smokers and sell them. They will get better with time, and hopefully I will be able to make more money on them

    as they get better.

    Right now I am almost done with the one I'm working on it's a 20" with a 36" tall vertical box offset smoker. Here are the pics.

    I'm open to criticism.

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  2. Crap if I could build like that I would do it full time too!  Nice looking build
  3. 05sprcrw

    05sprcrw Smoking Fanatic

    Looks like you have it all figured out, hopefully they will keep moving for you and you can make a go of it.  Good luck and a great looking build.
  4. tknjk

    tknjk Newbie

    Well I added the door latch on the vertical box, and the main door stop. Also put in the tray stops so you can pull the trays out without them falling.

    I added a shelf on the front, and after I was done realized the center is dipping, so looks like some more cutting and welding next week to fix that.

    I ordered another temp. gauge because the other one I bought for the vertical box broke. I also ordered some spring handles for the firebox latch, and the

    vertical box latch.

    I fired it up, and after you get your fire going it is very easy to control the temp., and holds it very nicely. I may add another air inlet before I paint. I don't think

    another one will hurt, but havn't decided just yet. Anyway enjoy the pics.

  5. fliptetlow

    fliptetlow Smoke Blower

    Nice Build..
  6. seenred

    seenred Smoking Guru Group Lead OTBS Member

    Wow, I'm sure no expert, but that is one very impressive piece of equipment!  You've got some skills, brother!  Are you custom building it to order for someone, or will it be for sale?  And if its not rude of me to ask, if its for sale, what will the asking price be?

  7. tknjk

    tknjk Newbie

    Nothing custom built for someone just me designing as I go along. I know I won't get what I'm going to post it at initially, but I'm going to put it up for sale at $2,200.00 and hope to get no less than $1,800. I wasn't sure at first until I fired it up and tested it out. Now that I am satisfied it works well I don't see why it should be a problem expecting a min. of $1,800.00
  8. tknjk

    tknjk Newbie

    Well with the exception of one more temp. gauge I'm waiting on it's done, and painted. Enjoy.

  9. seenred

    seenred Smoking Guru Group Lead OTBS Member

    That's a great looking rig, my friend!  I don't see any reason at all you can't get your asking price if it cooks as good as it looks.

    Very well done!

  10. tknjk

    tknjk Newbie

    I did fire it up before I painted it, and it worked pretty well. Held heat, and was pretty controllable. It leaks a little out of the top of the main door, but after a little seasoning, and a little

    buildup of smoker crud I think it will stop the leak pretty good.
  11. tknjk

    tknjk Newbie

    one last pic

    as it sites completely done. Thermometer included.
  12. If you can afford to wait until the right person comes along, up your price to $2800.  If you want a feel for what it is worth, do a web search "bbq trailers"  The companies also do patio smokers.  You may very well be surprised at how much that unit is worth.

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