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    My Father used to try to duplicate chinese spare ribs, and came up with this marinade. He asked a few of the local chinese restaurants in the area if the main ingredient in his marinade was there secret and never got a direct answer ). I used to use this marinade about 5-6 years ago and as I remember it was pretty tasty with excellent meat penetration and easy to make. I may try it this weekend on a couple of racks of baby backs. I used to smoke my ribs after this marinade and as I recall everyone loved them. let me know what you think.

    1 bottle of grenedine syrup ( the good one Lirouix i think its called ), 1/4 cup orange juice, 1/8 cup light soy sauce, lots of fresh chopped garlic, some 5 spice powder.

    ps. these measurements are are approximated from 5 years ago to the best I can remember but should be close
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    Your recipe sounds good....thanks for sharing. I'll give it a try.[​IMG]
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    HMMMM grenedine. Interesting. Thanks for the info.

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