Mother Day pastrami brekfast w/Q-view

Discussion in 'Beef' started by africanmeat, May 9, 2011.

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    So my wife wants pastrami for breakfast on mothers day .OK i will go the whole hog.

    first i pulled a top side corn beef  from the fridge put a rub of coriander ,black pepper ,garlic powder ,and paprika .

    in to the smoker 225°  ff  Chery and oak wood . [​IMG]

    for a Sid dish boiled fresh milk when tamp got to 195°   i  

    i dropped in 4 table spoons off lemon juice and stir it for 20 minute i pour it to a Muslim bag  i hang it to lose the whey  for 6 hours and you got ricotta .


    the bread i mead with a recipe from you tube      

    i only added walnuts


    lots of work but it was worth it the finale result was ......




    it was a good mothers day


    (PS  for dinner we Had smoke beef and lamb ribs but it is for another threat)

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    That looks great Ahron, I could eat that for breakfast, lunch, & dinner. Both the bread & pastrami look delicious!

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