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Discussion in 'Wild Game' started by godsdsipl, May 27, 2008.

  1. godsdsipl

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    I just got back from Alaska and came home with 5 lbs of moose round steak. Anyone have any suggestions on smoking or bbqing it?
  2. supervman

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    Basically, treat it as you would beef.
    However, IF it is REALLY lean, I'd wrap the exterior with some bacon and toothpicks. Moose is a fantastic meat. I LOVE it. The Hide makes excellent moccasins that never wear out.

    I've had it severaly ways, but seared and then braised in broth with some vegetables is a knock out.

    Hope this helps and no offense to strictly smokers. That's a nice piece of meat.

    I misread, I thought it was a round roast. If it's a steak I'd probably bring to room temp with some seasonings, grill as a steak or trim and cube for a stew.

    Also Try:

    See what sounds good and go for it.

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