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  1. dougbennett

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    Sorry to be smoking while most of y'all are working. Tried my first Q-View but couldnt get photos to upload .

    Rubbed with a "championship Rub" from the current Southern Living (PM me for the recipe if you'd like) and injected with a mix of white grape juice, apple juice, salt and sugar.

    First time with a pork injection, too. As far as BBQ, I mean. [​IMG]

    Rubbed up, and into the GOSM with a mix of oak & hickory.
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    Doug if you use an external service to post your pictures and just throw in the link, it'll work much easier.

    I use Picasa and then allow it to post to a public page. PM me and I can tell you what I do. Otherwise, take a look here:
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