modified double barrel smoker

Discussion in 'UDS Builds' started by 2010ultra, Mar 31, 2014.

  1. 2010ultra

    2010ultra Smoke Blower

    well i finally got the wood stove put on the bottom of my double barrel smoker. i did miss that there was a diffuser in the top of the stove. got that cut out and did my first smoke on it yesterday. it hummed along between 225 and 250 degrees. the air intake isnt the biggest but nothing opening the glass door it did help. ill have to make another adjustable air intake. ran awesome on a 7 hour smoke. rubbed a 6 pound pork loin with mustard and my own blend of seasoning. watched the nascar race on my laptop while i did my smoking. and of course a couple cocktails. awesome day. 
  2. hambone1950

    hambone1950 Master of the Pit Group Lead

    Wow. Quite a rig. Nice job.
  3. 2010ultra

    2010ultra Smoke Blower

    hmmm now thinking of putting a propane burner in the stove. any ideas of a burner that comes in through the bottom of the stove. just thinking about this honestly not sure if its going to happen.


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