Mexican Style Fattie

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  1. First off let me say this one of my favorite fatties ever, Start off with a pound of 90% ground beef then add in some taco seasoning,

    Next step is adding a layer of beans,

    Put a little Herdez Green sause,

    Follow that up with some corn tortilla strips,

    Now some chopped onions,

    Just scatter a few kernels of fresh corn,

    Add in some roasted fresh "Hatch New Mexico Green Chile",

    Top that off with some grated Mexican style cheese,

    Now roll it up tight, I normally let it stand in the fridge over night so it all firms up before putting it on the smoker,

    I normally smoke it for about 2.5 hours until the IT is at 165 degrees with the Comp Blend of "Q" pellets.

    Sorry no finished pictures after it was done smoking, this thing got attached like a bone in a dog park. I will update and add finished pictures of the next batch I do. Hope you try it.
  2. oldschoolbbq

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    Yes , I will.

    Thanks , that looks great , have un and . . .
  3. ibbones

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    Wow!!!  That one looks really good.  Guess I'll make it for the next Fattie.  Thanks....

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