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    This thread is intended to collect MES mods that are working and either improve MES performance or attempt to solve a problem with known MES issues.

    This is Page 1 of MES HOT MODS with Awards.

    Page 2 of MES HOT MODS with Awards.

    Page 1 of MES HOT MODS with Honorable Mention.

    In no particular order:

    MES Sun Shield by JamminJimi

    Hot Corner Baffle by PignIt
    There have been several who posted hot corner baffle solutions using a variety of materials and methods, notably Ronp's very seasoned MES using a piece of tile. I too use a baffle which is a metal cookie sheet which has insulation sandwiched in between the layers, I just lay it on the element cover.

    Supplemental Heat Element by DaveNH

    MES Cave or Man Cave by Illini

    PignIt's Indoor Hood

    MES Wheelsby Fishawn

    Illini Smoke Contraption by Illini
    This was one of the first DIY MES external smoke generators that actually looked solid and would work correctly.

    Bud Lite's smoke generator

    scubadoo98's smoke generator[

    Cabinet Handles by DaveNH

    MES REWIRE by Homebrew & BBQ
    This wasn't the first rewire, but it was the first with clear pictures and good details. There has been several others since.

    MES Cart by PignIt
    There are several MES carts, PignIt did a good job plus provided step by step pictures and details.

    lowcountrygamecock's cart

    Kurtsara's cart

    XxLT250RxX MES Hybrid & cart by XxLT250RxX

    This is Page 1 of MES HOT MODS with Awards.

    Page 2 of MES HOT MODS with Awards.

    Page 1 of MES HOT MODS with Honorable Mention.

    Whenever any list is compiled someone will get overlooked, if your mod or creation is overlooked reply to the thread so it is not lost. I apologize if you were overlooked it wasn't intentional.

    MES HOT MOD award, many original MES mods received the MES HOT MOD award. I thought some recognition in the way of an award would be nice to encourage others to develop their own MES mods. If your mod or creation didn't receive an award and you think it deserves consideration for the HOT MOD award, please PM me. I will consult at least two other serious MES users that I respect and get their opinion. What I considered:
    • is the idea original,
    • if the idea is similar to another mod then was it an improvement on the original idea or did the idea advance that mod concept, or was it superior in construction and implementation compared to the original.
    • external smoke generator or cold smoke is a group where many different ideas have been used to accomplish the same result. If you search the internet you can find many examples of the same ideas, so what I considered was how original was the implementation with the MES, can you easily see if someone's MES version performs better than most or an original?
    • some mods are not MES mods at all, they are creations or accessories. For example MES stands or cabinets. Some though are so unique and creative and required a lot of thought and careful workmanship so the MES HOT MOD was awarded as recognition of their effort.

    Finally other mods are listed because this HOT MOD list will attempt to collect as many MES mods or related accessories that would enhance the MES or the MES users smoke experience.

    I want to thank all the creative people on SMF who have used their abilities to not ony improve their MES or smoking experience, but took the time to carefully explain their mod and post informative pictures, you thus enhanced all MES owners smoker experience. Thank you...
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    ronp, has been a serious MES smoke enthusiast since he join SMF, he has contributed in so many helpful ways to the MES knowledge bank here at SMF.
    This is a token of appreciation for all the valuable input regarding the MES and smoking meat in general.
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    MES HOT MOD Honorable Mention
    I know there are many that would qualify in this category, but I spent several hours on the above and if others would be so kind to pm me with selections I would be grateful.

    MES Rewire Mod, by scubadoo97
    scubadoo97 did an excellent job of photo documenting his MES rewire.


    Sausage Racks by mgwerks

    ronp's Tile heat baffle

    Very clear & detailed install of Smoke Daddy on MES, by DaveNH
    This mod is a commercial product, but DaveNH's install and great detailed pictures plus review is awesome

    Another Smoke Daddy Install by Kevin13
    Kevin did a great job with photo documentation of his install..


    Smoke Daddy installed through the Chip Tray, by Kevin 13

    Very nice detailed install with lots of pics.


    TV mod for MES, by Fishawn
    No reason to go back in the house now..[​IMG]

    More caster wheels on MES, by golfnguitarz

    Flamed MES detailing, by JamminJimi

    Another Heat Baffle by deltadude


    DIY Dolly for the MES by SlickRat.
    SlickRat did such a nice job I would love to move this into the HOT MOD AWARD category, if he creates a post and gives details about his build, I will move this to Hot Mod Award and give him his certificate.


    Cart Modification by Oneshot


    Rolling stand w/ cabinet space by donnylove


    Rolling Stand by JamminJimi


    MES Vent Bug Screen by  Bearcarver

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    Wow Dude you have been busy. This should be a sticky with everything in one place.[​IMG]

    Thanks for the recognition.
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    MORE HOT MOD Awards
    page 2 of 2

    Page 1 here

    MES Sun Shield & Roof, by ryanhoeizer
    I'm not sure if the roof part will give the protection from snow & rain that is desired, but it sure will shield from the sun. Plus some major thinking outside the box here.


    MES Sausage or Hanging Racks, by TJohnson


    MES 800 watt to 1200 watt element upgrade by, Texacajun
    Excellent photo tutorial, this is will make it very easy for any MES owner to follow.


    MES On Wheels, by TJohnson
    TJohnson, did a great job of showing clearly his mod with good pictures and clearly explained how he created his mod. However it would be nice if his MES on Wheels could turn, from the pics I think it will only go back and forth.


    E-Smoking! (PID install) by sparksnsaaben

    Excellent instructions and pictures on creative use of PID install for internet monitoring a MES smoker.


    [​IMG]    [​IMG]

    MES / Smoke Daddy Mod by StephenH

    There has been several MES mods with a Smoke Daddy, typically if another mod is posted that is similar it receives an Honorable Mention.  However StephenH's mod is new because it revamps the chip tray loader instead of drilling into the cabinet.  In addition he clearly documented with pics his work, and explains what he did.   

    [​IMG]   [​IMG]

    A-Maze-N-Pellet-Smoker   by  T Johnson

    I know this is a little late the Todd created this fantastic smoke generator many months ago, I have been away and just getting started on catching up.  Todd deserves recognition not only for his wonderful creation, but also he has been a consistent help and resource to the MES community in general.  Thanks Todd you DA MAN!

    [​IMG]   [​IMG]
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    Dude! Thanks for the include. You really put some time into this thread. I actually missed a couple you included and had to catch up. Thanks for taking the time to put all these articles together.
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    Thanks for the mention!
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    I can't believe that I hit this list in less than a month. I have added to my sun screen. I was challenged by ronhoelzer. Came out good.

    Thanks Deltadude

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    Like ronp said:

  10. Great Idea! I agree this should be a sticky.
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    Thanks for including my version of a cold smoke generator Deltadude. Great thread and what is the greatest is that there are so many people here that are interested in helping others with their knowledge and experiences. This is the essence of what web boards are about. [​IMG]
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    Reserved for Future HOT MODS with awards, page 3
    This should be enough reserved spots for HOT MODS with awards....
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    Reserved for Future HOT MODS with awards, page 4
    This should be enough reserved spots for HOT MODS with awards....
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    Reserved for HOT MODS HONORABLE MENTION, page 1
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    Reserved for HOT MODS HONORABLE MENTION, page 3

    As said above this should be enough...
  16. Can post be deleted? If so I would be happy to delete my response so yours can move up. Everyone could do this and then re-post at the bottom. Or the mods my can fix it for you.
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    The admin/mod should be able to reorder the posts, I know I can do that on the forum software I use.

    I really can kick myself for not thinking of reserving space. I know of at least 2 or 3 other significant MES mods and at least that many Honorable mention, I will be adding them to the list as soon as I find them. One nice thing about SMF is they allow you to edit the post months later (that is a fantastic feature).
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    Holy sniki I also recieved an honorable mention. I just seen that. I have one more mod that is rolling around in my fat head.

    Thanks deltadude
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    No problem.

    I'm going to change the award pic slightly, so just a heads up if you want to update your sig. I will pm you when it is updated.
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    Added a new Dolly Mod and Smoke Daddy install to Honorable Mention List.

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