MES 30 question.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by grizsmoker, Nov 17, 2013.

  1. grizsmoker

    grizsmoker Fire Starter

    Good day all.
    I have a new MES30 and I am wondering how long I should get smoke out of one load of chips? Right now I am getting about 20-25 minutes and that seams a lot less than others are claiming.

    Am I not putting enough chips in?
    Should the vent be open, closed, or somewhere in-between?

    I have an AMNPS on order but that won't help me with the prime rib I just put in the smoker.

    Any suggestions?

  2. cholla

    cholla Newbie

    25-30 minutes is all I have ever gotten out of mine. Once you get the AMPS it will be easier. for now just keep filling the thing up. Remember that they say after about 160 degrees the smoke flavor won't take anymore.
  3. grizsmoker

    grizsmoker Fire Starter

    Thanks Cholla!

    That's what I have been doing. Every 30 minutes I go reload my wood chips.
    No big deal today since all I am doing is watching some football and waiting for the prime rib to get done.

    Thank you.
  4. foamheart

    foamheart Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    If you are using chips, about an hour is normal. Remember you do not have to smoke the entire time. The smoke absorption sweet spot is from about 100 to 140 IT, prior to and proceeding, will still take smoke but at a diminished capacity. Its why when cold smoking it takes days to do it. Normally you will exceed a 140 IT within the first 3 to 4 hours. An electric smoker should not give off as much smoke as a fireburner. You shouldn't lose heat or smoke except as you regulate the vent.
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  5. grizsmoker

    grizsmoker Fire Starter

    Thanks Foamheart!
    I have been adding chips every 45 minutes and it seams to be doing just fine. By the time I am adding chips the smoke is gone and the chips are reduced to mostly ash.

    I like having to babysit the chips because it makes my wife think I am really working hard on this prime rib. :grilling_smilie::biggrin:

  6. orlandosmoking

    orlandosmoking Smoking Fanatic

    In my experience with the MES 30, chips burn down to coals in 20 to 30 minutes. They are still producing some smoke but minimal and nearly invisible. I usually add another small handful at that time while the coals are still glowing. For un-attended smokes I use the AMNPS.

    I leave the vent wide open unless it's exceptionally windy out, but never have closed it more than half way.
  7. Everyone has you going the right direction. Your going to love your AMNPS

    Happy smoken.

  8. grizsmoker

    grizsmoker Fire Starter

    Hey OrlandoSmoKing a quick question for you.
    When I get my AMNPS do I leave the chip loader in place and closed or is there a certain position to leave it in for better airflow?

    Thanks for all your help!!!

  9. I have an AMNPS, and an 30 inch MES.  I usually pull my chip loader out about an inch to give the AMNPS the airflow needed, I set the AMNPS on the bars to the left of the chip/heat tray assembly.  Seems to work well with the way I do it.  At the same time, I never close my upper vent, mostly 3/4 or more open when I do smoke anything
  10. orlandosmoking

    orlandosmoking Smoking Fanatic


    What palladini said.
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  11. Can someone please post a pic of wht the AMNS looks like? I am trying to figure out how it works without ever seeing one.  I have a MES 30 also.  My understanding is it cuts down on the amount of woodchips you burn?    And makes them last longer?  Thanks.  I just stumbled onto this site and have learned so much in the last hour my head is spinning.  Thanks in advance
  12. orlandosmoking

    orlandosmoking Smoking Fanatic

    Kenny, check his website. I'm sure he has pictures there:

    It burns wood pellets in place of the chips.
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  13. foamheart

    foamheart Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Click on the sponsor tab in the above task bar, go to A-MAZ-N Products, there will be a picture there.
  14. [​IMG]
  15. goliath

    goliath Smoking Fanatic

    the sawdust for the AMNS is not available where i live at a decent price, the shipping is more than the product !!!!!!

    i purchased the MES smoke generator for $60 from bass pro and love it. i can get an easy 4 to 6 hours out of it. i also used a piece of 3" heat duct between the generator and the smoker and can cold smoke very well this way.

    just a mod i had to do cause i live in the sticks in norther BC...
    good luck
  16. grizsmoker

    grizsmoker Fire Starter

    I just wanted to follow up on this thread. I received my AMNPS and have been using it a lot. I had some issues with getting enough smoke and keeping it lit. Luckily for me I had discovered this site and found plenty of help on this issue. I was able to determine that my lighting procedure was the reason the AMNPS was not working. I was not getting a good red hot cherry before I placed the AMNPS in my smoker. I now use my torch and a hair dryer to get a good burn going and everything is working GREAT!!

    I want to thank you all for your knowledge and willingness to help out a newby like me. You have all made my smoking experience more enjoyable and a lot less stressful!

    Thank You!!!​

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