Memorial weekend

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  1. So let me just start by saying a big Thank You to all you veterans who did what ya did so we can keep doing what we do. So far I've got two butts and a Chuckie going.

    Two spatchcocked chickens and some wings to follow later. What's everyone else doing.
  2. And by the way, I have discovered a huge flaw in my reverse flow design. I have roughly 100 gal in my Cc. There is myself, the wife, and two kids 13 and 14. I'm cooking two butts, two whole chickens, a chuck roast(because the wife turned her nose at brisket)??, and two flats of wings requested by my son. I tend to cook for a small army because there are so many cuts and things I want to try and don't want to waste good smoke. The things I ponder sitting here sipping a cold one after a long midnight shift just watching this thing I built chug along exactly like it was designed to. Love it.
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  3. Lookin' goooooooood!

    I'm doing two butts and wings also, plus some fatties and sausages.

    With much appreciation to our Veterans!

  4. Next wave
  5. Finished view

    Didn't get any of the Butts. Was to busy eating by that point. Everything turned out great.
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    Looks delicious!

    Nice job!


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