Memorial Day Brisket - 17lb

Discussion in 'Beef' started by sescoyote, May 24, 2009.

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    I had my smoker built about a year ago and followed a few tips on this forum. I just wanted to give people my account of my 17 pound smoked brisket that I got from SAM'S Club.

    Picking out a brisket from the store.
    Rub and let it settle.
    Put the Brisket on the Barbie!
    I started the fire in my smoker around 7:30pm, finally got it under control about 45 minutes later. (I usually start my fire with newspapers, woodchips, and 1 small piece of mesquite. Tonight I had neither and used a cardboard pizza box!) I started with Hickory wood and a few pieces of Pecan. Once I got it down to a steady 225, I threw the brisket right on the grates, fat side down first.

    At around 11:30 I turned over the brisket and added a pieced of Mesquite wood as well as more Pecan. (I did a whole Mesquite wood brisket, it really does get a lot of smoke flavor, sometimes too much that is why I like to mix the woods)

    It's 1:00am, time to check the temp and add more wood if needed. Gonna sleep for a few hours. The smoker usually holds the temp well, haven't seen it drop below 200 too many times when I am asleep.
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    Dang that thing is huge!! Good luck with your smoke and thanks for sharing your rub recipe.

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