Memorial day all day brisket smoke - first real brisket smoke

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    First real brisket smoke. Meat was USDA Choice from Costco, $3.49/lb, 6.5lbs. Nice fat layer on top. Planned at 1.5 hrs/lb, so math said 9.75 hours. Used a dry rub of mostly brown sugar, with garlic powder, onion powder, chili powder, old bay, and a little cumin and paprika (no measurements, just threw together). Scored the fat cap, poured Worcestershire over, applied dry rub to whole brisket the night before, sat overnight. Put on at 7:30am. Ran Lazarri Mesquite all natural hardwood charcoal, with hickory chunks in a can next to coals for smoke, and did smoke for probably 2/3 of cooking time. Wrapped in foil with apple juice at 170. Was gonna leave it on until 190-195 but dinner time had arrived, and it was pretty close to that temp so I pulled it at 183. Removed at 6:00pm, so 10.5 hours cook time. Let it rest for 10-15, then time to slice it up! Sliced very easy, very tender and juicy. Could have been just a hair more tender, probably if had let it get up to the 190-195 level it would have been there, but extremely good!!! Beautiful smoke ring, hope it is visible in pics. Brown sugar rub caramelized so the bark was almost like sweet jerky... OH YA!

    This pic is about halfway...

    Finished product @ 183 internal.

    Smoke ring...

    A thing of beauty...

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      Now that's a nice looking brisket!
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    Real nice!
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    Looks good from here! Nice job!
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    Look good  great job


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