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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by bryanw20, Aug 25, 2016.

  1. bryanw20

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    So I've had my mes smoker for a while, but I have a hard time thinking outside the box. I like smoked meat, but every time we make it, we go all bbq mode, coleslaw, mac salad, cornbread, etc. that's fine once in awhile but not all the time.
    Suggestions for smoking something w/o the whole bbq meal?
    We're mostly beef and chicken eaters, not big on fish or seafood.
  2. dirtsailor2003

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    What do you have for sides when you don't smoke or BBQ food? Start there.
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  3. GaryHibbert

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    Hey Bryan

    We quite just have an ordinary meal for supper.  The only difference is that the meat is smoked.  So, along with the smoked meat, we'll have mashed potatoes or rice, a fresh veggie cooked in the steamer, and whatever happens to be on hand for desert.

    BBQ doesn't have to be a picnic.  You just make it part of your normal lifestyle (except it tastes a whole lot better than fried or crockpot cooked meat).  To be honest about it, about the only smoked meat we eat on a regular basis in the picnic style is pulled pork.  Then its PP sammies loaded up with lots of coleslaw and finishing sauce, and pickles on the side.  Maybe some potato salad of mac salad as a side dish. 

  4. lancep

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    For me, brisket must be served with potato salad and beans. Pork shoulder usually gets vinegar slaw and hush puppies. Other than that it's whatever. A lot of times, especially mid- week, ribs and chicken get a salad.
  5. bryanw20

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    Thanks; so for example today I think I wanna smoke some skinless boneless chicken chests (I know not the best; but it's what I have available)

    So I assume don't rub/season it with a traditional smoking rub; just the same as if I were going to throw them in my Foreman?

    What other meats/meals do you suggest? On a budget so we usually just buy ground beef & chicken breasts to get thru the week.
  6. lancep

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    Been there! You might get more bang for your buck buying whole chickens. Example: smoke a whole chicken($5-6.00) mom and dad get the legs, kids(2) get the wings and I carve up the thighs for everyone. The breasts are sliced off whole and carved for sandwich meat. The carcass is then picked and boiled down for stock. The stock and picked meat is then used to make gumbo, chicken soup or jambalaya. So one chicken would feed my family three times, done it many times. As far as your question for today, you can season it however you want. A typical memphis rub would taste great. As would herbs or any other seasoning you may have. Add some rice and and a veggie and you got yourself a healthy, frugal meal. Also, a lot of folks smoke meat loaf and love it. Do yall eat pork?
  7. bryanw20

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    Tried the whole bird, noone likes legs (WHAT??!!?) and seems it all doesn't get used up =(

    Pork, wife likes pulled pork, chops, etc, I don't think my body likes it as much as my tasebuds do! =( but we ill eat it on occasion. 1 kids loves seafood, the rest of us hate it, go figure. So it comes down to cow & chick 95% of the time.
  8. Re:  bonless skinless chicken breasts, I will rub them in some type of oil (even used Orville Redenbacher's buttery popcorn oil before) to try and prevent them from drying.  If grilling, not really necessary, as the cook is much quicker.  Use whatever rub you enjoy, as they seem to accept most anything I've tried.   Crazy thing here is I bought 10# bag of Perdue last week at $1.49/lb, this week they're $1.69/lb, and still cheaper than buying wings--go figure.  Never thought I'd see the day where wings were more costly than breasts.  Also spotted pork brisket bones (rib tips) at $1.19/lb. for 30# box, if you have a GFS near you. 

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