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Discussion in 'Beef' started by xtexan, Sep 11, 2007.

  1. xtexan

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    What is the max time that meat should be held in the cooler to rest. I usually keep a 12lb brisket in there for about 4hrs, but I have heard of people leaving it in there all day or night.

    Also, should this time be different for pork?
  2. smokyokie

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    Why do you rest it so long?

    The key isn't how long, but @ what temp. You want to avoid letting meat sit at temps between 120* and 150* if I'm not mistaken, that's what they call the danger zone.
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  4. low&slow

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    I dont know about pork, but I have left a brisket in the cooler for 8 hrs before. My briskets internal temp hit 200 at 4am, I wrapped it 3 times in foil, wrapped again with 3 towels, put it into a blanket (thick moving blanket) lined cooler, and didnt take it out until noon when my company arrived.
    I usually dont let mine rest that long, but I wanted my company to see it as I unwrapped it. It was still way too hot to touch with bare hands.
  5. ultramag

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    I don't rest meat for this long as a rule, but properly packed and placed in a good cooler 8 -10 hours should be no problem. However long you can keep it above 140° is fine for beef or pork.
  6. I can only see 2 reasons to let meat rest...... its to early for your company or you have cooked to much and need to hold it for future use. Properly cooked food really does not need to rest as it can be served at once if you time it right.....
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    Resting is important for hot cooked rare meat. I allows the meat fibers to relax so that the juices aren't immediately ejected when you cut it. I also increases tenderness. The only value I see in resting briskets is to let them cool enough that you can handle them while slicing.
  8. fatback joe

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    Whether you let the meat rest that long by choice or by necessity, the important thing is to not let it hang out in the 40 to 140 zone. [​IMG] Don't guess with it [​IMG] , put it in the cooler with your thermometer probe in there as well, set it to alarm at 140 if you have the option, and if it hits that zone before you get to it, take action.............pull the pork, slice the brisket, put in the oven..........just don't let it linger there.

    Things happen that are beyond your control, the key is to make sure you know how to handle them and not make yourself or others sick. [​IMG]
  9. smokyokie

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    I might point out too, that when something is insulated that well @ 200*, it's actually still [email protected] 200*.
  10. xtexan

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    Thanks for the info.

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