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  1. Guys, I had to get a real remote thermometer, because my old one just sucked.  A lot of research on the net and here pointed me to the ET-732.  Then I started reading about the new ET-733, so I read up on it and bought it.  I got the one with two 3' hybrid probes.  Figured I'd do a little unboxing for you.

    First thing you should notice, is it say's:  "Black Unit" on the front.  Don't know about you, but that's funny to me.

    Once you clip this to the back, you can spin it around to make it a stand or a hanger.

    Here's the instruction manual.  I've read that the ET-732 manual sucked.  This one is concise and easy to read.  The amount of buttons and stuff might seem daunting to you old-timers, but it's no more difficult than setting the time on a watch back in the '80s and '90s was.  Basically you hold one button for two seconds, hit up or down, then hit the first button again.

    Here's the backs. As you can see, only the transmitter (the small one) has the screw-on battery cover.

    For those of you turned off by all the threads complaining about the little screws that hold the cover on being such a pain in the ass, don't fear.  Almost any screwdriver will take them off.  The one in the bottom-middle, in Layman's terms, is a "normal" phillips screwdriver.  All the rest are a little smaller.  The "normal" sized one will not work.  It needs to be smaller than that.  So in the pics below, any one will work, except the bottom, middle one.  FYI, the "normal" one is a No.2, and bottom left is a No.3.  (I used the No.3 to remove the cover)

    This is the little kickstand for the receiver. (the Big Black Unit)  *Ahem*  If you look at the top prongs, you can see the little slits.  If you squeeze the smaller inside parts, you can remove the stand from the unit.

    As you can see, the transmitter has actual metal inserts for the screws instead of just threading them into the plastic.  That is a great feature that will help eliminate cross-threading, and stripping.

    I did shrink tube mine.

    If you look hard, you can see that I added a second, shorter piece in the middle to make that connection a little bit stiffer.

    See how the bottom right number is 81*?  It's actually blinking because it is under the low temp (200*).  Cool thing about this thermometer is, the alarm on the low temp won't start going off until it has went over the low temp at least once.  This is because it assumes your smoker is coming up to temp, so there is no point in setting the alarm off.  So basically, once the smoker goes over 200* for the first time, then the alarm will be "armed", so to speak.

    I am so far, very pleased with my Black Unit.

    If you guys have questions, let me know.  Hope this thread was informative, and I look to add to it in the future, so it can be a "one stop shop"  for 733 resources.

    Happy smoking!
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  2. This will the the FAQ section of the thread.  As you post comments below, I'll add them here with the answers.  So read this section first.  If your question isn't in here, or it just isn't answered good enough or with that little twist you need, then post your question.  You can also feel free to provide answers, or just plain good advice, and of course, Qview.

    Here is how you can contact Maverick.  (Thanks, Bear)

    Maverick Industries, Inc.  
    94 Mayfield Avenue
    Edison, New Jersey 08837.

    Tel: (732) 417-9666
    Fax: (732) 417-9673
    [email protected]

    This unit basically uses two "modes".  One mode is used when putting the probe in the meat, and one mode is used when using it to monitor the grill temps.  If it is showing weird temps, make sure your in the correct mode first.

    With this unit you can monitor two pieces of meat, or the same piece in two different places.  Or you can monitor the meat, and monitor the grill.  Or the grill in two different places.  But you must make sure you have selected the proper mode for each probe.

    FYI, you cannot calibrate these units.  My personal 733 is accurate right along side my Thermapen.  If you would like to test the accuracy of yours, you can make an ice bath, or test it in boiling water.

    First, what elevation are you at?  The higher you are, the lower the boiling point.  Here is a website that tells you what it should be.

    Here is the right way to make an ice bath (even has nice video):

    This one shows an ice bath, boil water, and has an elevation chart:

    Shrink tube

    Guys, I put shrink tube on mine because the joints, like any probe, are kind of flimsy feeling.  And, maybe it will help with water ever getting in there.  But on the flip side, it might also help to "trap" water in there.  So use it at your own risk.  There is a debate about the need for shrink tube that is almost as hot as whether or not you should mop your smokes.  (basically, shrink tube is probably just as useless as mopping your smokes, but doesn't it make you feel good  that you're doing it?  :-D )

    You can go to your local parts house and buy some that will fit.  Once it's on, it will be fine when exposed to normal smoker temps.

    Also, I don't know if this will void any kind of warranty.

    Probe replacements

    If your probes fail the ice water/boiling water tests, you might need to get them replaced.  If the temps are "all over the place", or going from LLL to HHH and whatnot, try to swap the probes to see if the problem follows the probe, or if it's the actual unit that's bad.  Also, you MUST make sure the probe is inserted into the transmitter all the way.  (I know it sounds stupid, but just check it, K?)

    There are people who have problems with the probes.  I don't know if there are a lot of people or not, because people generally only complain when something is wrong.  Right?  So ten bad probes may very well mean there are 10,000 good ones.  I don't know, and I'm not an authority on the subject.  But if you are having problems with the probes, here is a place you can buy new ones.  And, they are 6' long, which can be more convenient than the 3' probes.

    Multiple units at the same time

    It has been confirmed that you can use multiple units at the same time.  You need to turn on and "lock" the transmitter to the receiver for each unit before you turn on the next unit.
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  3. dreadylock

    dreadylock Fire Starter

    i just got mine today . i think it has a slight learning curve. it came with only one grill clip and it's white

    testing in my oven (oven set to 225 but it says my oven temp is  260 did i need to calibrate it if so how would i go by doing this)

    i put a small corn beef  in without using the pickling spices (i rubbed it with my own rub) i'll slice it when done and make sandwich using broccoli slaw marinated with seasoned rice wine vinager

    but so far i love that i can be somewhere else and monitor temps  

    i'm going to boils some water and check temp tomorrow to see how off it is compared to my kitchen therm

    as forv that one grill clip i'll contact amazon then manufacturer and see why i only got one clip

    thanks for this great informative unboxing
  4. dr k

    dr k Master of the Pit

    Boiling @ 212* at sea level and compensate for your altitude is the best test.  The temp you set your oven is the average temp.  It fluctuates above and below the set temp.  My gas oven probe sensor is clipped to the inside of the oven at center rack level.  You want to test your oven temp at the same level the oven probe is at.  I'm thinking a gas oven fluctuates more because it's vented vs. a completely sealed electric oven.
  5. ^^^This.
    First, thank you for the kind words.

    Second, have some faith and read what I've written below.  The ET-732 is the go-to workhorse, and the 733 will be no different.

    Mine is dead on 211* with both probes in the water right next to a Thermapen.  When left on the counter, both probes and Thermapen again read the same temp.  If you know anything about Thermapens, you know they are about the best we humble cooks are going to want as far as accuracy is concerned.  So getting the same result as a Thermapen is pretty dang good in my book.  Now that's not to say you don't have a bad probe, or even a bad unit.  Best thing to do would be to make an ice bath and boil some water.

    Boiling water is the easy part.  The final temp it boils at may vary depending on your elevation.  So figure out what it boils at where you live.  After that, water will not go over the boiling point (except in special cases that we don't need to be concerned with for this test).  No matter how long you boil it, it will not go over.  That is because as soon as it goes over, it immediately does a phase change from liquid to gas.  So just boil the crap out of it, and stick the probe in.  Try and aim for the middle of the pan with the end of the probe.  In other words, don't let it touch the pan.  A word on safety---if you burn yourself, it's Natural Selection at work.  :)

    Ice bath--the other easy part.  Crush up some ice.  Fill it with water until the water is about 1/2 inch BELOW the top of the ice.  Stir it up good.  Insert probe.  Try to get probe to not touch any ice if you can, but make sure it is surrounded by ice.  (not below ice surrounded by only water.)  You're shooting for 32-33* here.  A word on safety---if you drown in the ice bath---again, Natural Selection.

    Now finally, do you have the unit with two HYBRID probes?  Not sure if it matters, but it's probably worth investigating.  And you can't calibrate it.  This is from their website:

    "I tested my thermometer in boiling water and it reads 208ºF instead of the expected 212ºF. Is there anyway to calibrate my digital thermometer?

    There is no way to calibrate our units. All of our digital thermometers have a tolerance of +/- (3-4) degrees F so it is normally for the temperature readings to be off by a few degrees."

    So if yours is way off in ice or boiling test, then I'd just send it back and get a new one.
  6. buck1949

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    I have the ET 733 and absolutely love it.  Mine is the White model.   (just wish the probes/wires were a bit longer).  I did the boiling water trick and registered about around 210.8 degrees...and I am at about 1100 feet elevation.  So no problems there.  One thing I did (cheating a bit here) was to go to You Tube and watch a video on the use of the Maverick.  That saved me reading the ( I don't need no stinking ) instructions.  Anyway just to reiterate........... i am happy with it !!!!
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  7. Amen.  Another happy customer.  No company is above producing a lemon every once in awhile, but this is a Maverick!
  8. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Great Thread, DTG !!!

    I started with an ET-73.

    Then about 4 years ago I got an ET-732, and demoted my ET-73 to basement Meat Fridge Duty.

    If-or-when my ET-732 goes, I'll probably get the ET-733 thanks to your post.


  9. :)  Thank you very much!
  10. I just ordered a copper 733 on friday. Anxiously awaiting its arrival!

    My poor taylor will probably go to Kegerator duty. [​IMG]
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  11. runt

    runt Newbie

    My Copper 733 just arrived this afternoon.

    Very nice and can't wait to try it out!
  12. timberjet

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    Just one note for any of you that have problems right out of the box. Those batteries are cheap as all get out. Go get yourself some quality batteries before you send it right back for a new unit. If you find the range is real short or it won't stay connected with the base unit that might be your problem. This has happened to me twice on the last two units I got from maverick. No big deal though. great probes.
  13. I hope you guys love them.
    Thanks for the tip, timberjet.  Hopefully this will help out a future frustrated customer!
  14. munkiestyle

    munkiestyle Fire Starter

    Great review! I'm looking to invest in a remote thermometer and have been eyeing the 733. I'm not gonna lie... I want to get 2 so I can have 4 probes. Too bad mavrick doesn't have a 4 probe model.
  15. I read this thread a few days ago and decided since I just got my WSM 22.5 I might as well get an equally awesome thermometer. UPS delivered the unit today and the first thing I had to try was the actual range between the two units. Needless to say it works all over my yard and even over to my neighbors pool. I haven't done the boil test yet but will be doing that a little later. I love the heat shrink idea and will be doing that tomorrow before I fire up the WSM for a 10 pound butt cook.
  16. munkiestyle

    munkiestyle Fire Starter

    Just got a red and a silver 733 in the mail. Its like christmas! I tried 3/16 and 1/4 heat shrink but neither sealed the wires anywhere near tight so I am pondering using high temp room temperature vulcanizing sealant (same as used on jet engine thrust reversers) where the wires enter the probe. Has anyone tried this?
  17. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    FYI:  I have a 5 year old ET-73, and a 4 year old ET-732, and I never covered the joint. 

    I never had a problem with the probes going bad, but I never submerge them in water.

  18. munkiestyle

    munkiestyle Fire Starter

    Thanks for the FYI bear. Just been reading alot on failing probes and wanted to protect my investment. Do you just clean the wires with soap and water?
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  19. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    I just get a scrub sponge hot and soapy, and pinch the probe, and then the wire, in the rough side, and pull it through a few times.

    Be careful how you pull it, so you don't pull it apart. I cleaned my ET-73 like that for a year without problems. Then the second time I did it with my brand new ET-732 the cable pulled right out. Turns out when the 732 first came out they had a problem with their probes. They sent me a new one, and I got an extra. That was 4 years ago & I'm still using the same probe.

    BTW: I also sterilize my meat probe with an alcohol wipe before I insert it into the meat. They're cheap at the drug store, if you buy a box of them. I got a box of 250.

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  20. dreadylock

    dreadylock Fire Starter

    thanks Damnthatsgood

    the pics are very good i used the ones with the manual to figure out how to setup my probes and change temp settings

    also if any one has a pdf copy of manual can i get a copy i seem to misplace mines

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