Maverick ET-733 probe wire - worried

Discussion in 'Meat Thermometers' started by dukeburger, May 10, 2015.

  1. dukeburger

    dukeburger Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    While smoking my brisket yesterday I removed the meat probe to check a different spot of the meat, I hadn't noticed the wire was snagged on the grill and some of the wire had tugged out of the probe.

    I did the boil test and it reads perfectly fine, but there it's about an inch and a half of "fresh" braided wire that had pulled out of the end of the probe.

    Anyone know how the internals of these work? Did I yank the wire right out of the tip? Should I heat shrink before it comes out any more?

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  2. noboundaries

    noboundaries Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Better safe than sorry.  Shrink wrap it.
  3. sota d

    sota d Smoking Fanatic

    I'd say if it tests good use it. I just got 2 new 6' probes and shrink wrapped them before I ever used them, just seems like it would make more solid.
  4. dukeburger

    dukeburger Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    I'll shrink 'em before next use then.

    Thanks [​IMG]
  5. boykjo

    boykjo Sausage maker Staff Member Moderator Group Lead OTBS Member

    When a piece of metal heats up, electricity passes through it differently. The hotter a piece of metal gets, the harder it is for electricity to flow through it.

    Electric meat thermometers work by putting out a small current through its metal probe, measuring the ease of which the current is able to flow Inside the thermometer, a microchip converts this resistance into a temperature measurement that you see on the digital face of the thermometer.
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  6. drewed

    drewed Meat Mopper

    You probably just pulled the shield ( the braided covering ) out of the probe, without pulling the signal wires.  Shrink wrap it and you will be fine. 
  7. mummel

    mummel Master of the Pit

    How do you guys shrink wrap your probes?
  8. Get a piece of shrink wrap and put it in place and use a heat gun to shrink.

    Happy smoken.

  9. dr k

    dr k Master of the Pit

    It may or may not have moved the internal wires, but from people taking apart probes to dry out/fix them the wires just came right out once the crimp was loosened.  If it passed the boil test then I would seal it and keep using it.

  10. sota d

    sota d Smoking Fanatic

    Get shrink wrap that will just barely fit over the probe. It shrinks to about half its original diameter and you want it to be snug on the braided line.
  11. mummel

    mummel Master of the Pit

    Why doesnt Maverick just shrink wrap their probes?
  12. What size shrink wrap did you get? the one about the size of a mcdonalds straw?

    also i cant seem to find high temp shrink wrap. Or maybe they dont exist? Im worried the temp of the smoker will be too much for the shrink wrap.
  13. timberjet

    timberjet Master of the Pit

    I think I heard the new ones are. BBQ equipment manufacturers are slow to change.
  14. mummel

    mummel Master of the Pit

    Are they Maverick probes?  Do you have a link?
  15. dr k

    dr k Master of the Pit

    $.  Costs more.  You'll pay Maverick to shrink wrap it or pay to do it yourself.  I have a couple probes from other manufactures that have a rubber stopper over the cable under the crimp crushed into place when it was manufactured (I still RTV Silicone all the joints.)  The same reason you get a 3' probe with the therm and have to buy a 6'.  They want you to show them the $.  It's easier/cheaper for them to print directions on not getting probes wet/submerged and more profitable to have people buy them again for not following directions, than do a better job.  It's a bit of a racket.    

  16. dr k

    dr k Master of the Pit

    Google 500-700*F RTV silicone.  Or look at your auto parts store.  Dries flexible and ready to go in 24 hrs.

  17. sota d

    sota d Smoking Fanatic

    I have a bag of assorted sizes and picked one that just fit over the probe. Don't know the exact size-you could measure the probe diameter and get close. Or take it with you to the store. Should be available at Radio Shack. The heat shrink can be shrunk with a lighter and not melt so should not be a prob in the smoker.
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  18. sota d

    sota d Smoking Fanatic

    I said above that the heat shrink could take the heat of a lighter, but use a heat gun if available. You don't want to damage the wires with too much heat.
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