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  1. So I just ordered the masterbuilt cold smoker via Cabelas looking forward to it from what i read it works very well.
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    i have had one for a about a year , got it from bass pro. im quite happy with it. burns sawdust, or chips, havent tried pellets. i put a section of heating duct between the smoke gen and my smoker ... cools the smoke a little more. one thing is the stuff can stick inside sometimes and ya need to knock it down with a stick, creosote build up so keep an eye on that. last alot longer than a load of chips in the smoker. i used it as a smoke gen for my big freezer build also but ended up going with the AMNPS mailbox style mod. can get alot more hours in without baby sitting when i do a butt overnight..

    you will enjoy it

  3. Says its shipped!! patiently waiting..[​IMG]
  4. Love mine! I add a section of exhaust pipe between it and the smoker for cold smoking. Keeps everything nice and cool.
  5. I'm sooo looking forward to smoking cheese amongst other things but cheese has been on my radar for a long time!

    On that note i wonder if i will be able to rig it with a flex pipe to to cold smoke in my Keg or Akorn as well?
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  6. I don't see why not.  btw, it does fantastic cheese.  you'll love it.
  7. Well its here! cant wait for the weekend to give it a go! just a quick question after the chips have been smoldering for lets say an hour if you switch the unit off how much longer will it stay lit
  8. Hello bel420:

    Sorry about resurrecting this old thread, but I was wondering if you have expirimented much since May with cutting the power of the cold smoking unit after it started producing smoke?  Seems like it would generate a lot less heat with the element off for cold smoking if the chips continued to burn long after you shut it off.



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