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Discussion in 'Woods for Smoking' started by jlmacc, Oct 28, 2009.

  1. jlmacc

    jlmacc Meat Mopper

    Hello guys,
    Quick question here.I trimmed some of my maple trees over the weekend,and have some wood from them.I am not sure what type of maple tree it is,are all maples good for smoking?Thanks again guys.
  2. raceyb

    raceyb Smoking Fanatic

    Yes, maple wood is prized for smoking. I have some chunks a neighbor gave me and I guard it well.

    Here is a list compiled by Jeff, our host, for smoking woods and what to use them on...
  3. Maple works pretty much with anything, but I like it best with pork and fish where sweeter flavors work better.
  4. jlmacc

    jlmacc Meat Mopper

    Thanks guys,Are all types of maple trees smokeable then?
  5. oneshot

    oneshot Master of the Pit SMF Premier Member

    As far as I know, yes, all maple is smokable.....smoke on buddy!!!![​IMG]
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  6. danmcg

    danmcg Master of the Pit OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Some maples are harder and sweeter then others but there is no bad maple that I found yet
  7. mballi3011

    mballi3011 Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    As far as I know maple is a good wood for smoking. I have used some chips a couple of times and I like it.
  8. travcoman45

    travcoman45 Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    The best maple is sugar maple.

    Almost all the rest will do nearly as good, only one I don't use is the silver maple an it's a real soft wood. Otherwise I burn a whole bunch of it in the smoker each year. Nice wood on everthin, lighter smoke but a touch a sweet with it. Customers like it a bunch.
  9. rickw

    rickw Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    I've used it before with good luck. Cutting up a bunch this weekend.
  10. jlmacc

    jlmacc Meat Mopper

    Well thanks for the info guys!I am going to find something to smoke and try it out.
  11. coyote-1

    coyote-1 Smoking Fanatic

    Be aware of this: Some maple causes billowy white smoke for a few minutes before settling down to blue. Sticks from the maple tree in my backyard do this.

    It is NOT A PROBLEM - it is merely the nature of the wood. It doesn't generate creosote, and the meat comes out great.
  12. erain

    erain Master of the Pit OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    nice seasoned sugar maple heartwood without any bark is great.... all we used to use up here, well till i started using cherry. use apple and pecan occaisionally, oak seldom but its good too. but good maple wood is a great smoking wood...[​IMG]
  13. gruelurks

    gruelurks Smoking Fanatic

    I smoked a butt this week using those maple wood chips from a bag and it was the best tasting smoked butt I've had yet.
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  14. meat hunter

    meat hunter Master of the Pit SMF Premier Member

    Like Erain said, Maple is great, and I use it 95% of the time. Its everywhere here in Minnesota. Sugar Maple is best, but I use allot of Silver Maple. As far as billows of while smoke go, preheating your wood or even preburning it will prevent that. Once I learned about heating your wood up first, I never have any heavy white, only thin blue[​IMG]. I also remove any bark as it just burns so quickly and just adds to the ash pile.
  15. smokeon

    smokeon Smoke Blower

    The rule of thumb I was given is that if the tree produces something you can eat, you can use it to smoke with.
  16. erain

    erain Master of the Pit OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    little trick on identifying maples, its been a long time since i heard this but goes like this, look at the leaves and inbetween the fingers of the leaves note the shape of the pocket if it is "U" shaped it is a sUUUUgar maple, if it is pointy or "V" shaped is a silVVVVVer maple...
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  17. meat hunter

    meat hunter Master of the Pit SMF Premier Member

    LOL, thats pretty good Erain, will have to remember that one. Are we going to get any snow this year? We are supposed to go ice fishing this January, but by the looks of tomorrows weather, 65 degrees, I'm wondering if Winter is coming LOL.
  18. travcoman45

    travcoman45 Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    MH, don't wanna bust yer bubble, but I hope ya gotta go ice fishin in a row boat![​IMG] I hate the winter, gotta wear 30 pounds a extra clothes at work everday an yer beat from just movin round!
  19. michchef

    michchef Fire Starter

    It's a good thing that maple is a good smokin' wood 'cause I cut 21 of 'em down last Spring. Sure wish I could trade some for some cherry or pecan, but maple grows everywhere!
  20. oldschoolbbq

    oldschoolbbq Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Yep, Maple is so cool, it makes a good mild smoking wood when you don't have a lot around,however, if you have an abundance of it(like here in N.Ohio),you could use it as a heat-source wood to extend and compliment other "flavor" woods. I have a seperate stack of Maple I use to help neighbors and stretch my all nighters, but no-one gets my hard to get stuff...
    If you have a prominent wood in your area that is good for smoking, grab all of it you can('it' is usually free as it is everywhere.Thus is Maple here.
    When you find a friend lacking your easy access wood, barter with it for more exoctics you don't get easily!!! Just MHO!

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