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    I'm new to this thing called smoking food.  I have a WSM and I want to try and make my own bacon.  I cannot find any discussion on this topic .... i.e. HOT smoking pork belly/bacon.

    Pse don't react by telling me it's not possible.  I don't have any other means to do it!

    Also ... my WSM did not come with a thermometer.  I've seen quite a number of temp guages that are preferred, but is there on that is reliable and that can be mounted on the lid?

    Thanks for your input.[​IMG]
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    I've just looked through the "smokers forum" and saw many posts answering my question in connection with hot smoking bacon.    It seems that it is a matter of taste, but the important issue is the curing of the meat. (I did search this topic and I did an "advanced search" - found nothing.  There must be something wrong with my karma!  My apologies!)

    Pse still give me advice on the temp guage?

    Thanks a great deal!
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    Hiyas Doc, if it doesn't necessarily have to be a dial gauge like

    I would suggest you just bypass the gauge and jump to the next level which everyone jumps to normally anyway. A remote dual probe thermometer. It do so many things for you, it tells you the chamber temp, the internal meat temp, it has an alram system as well as a timer, etc etc etc.... you can get 'em that respond to a phone app or do digital grapics of you smoke.

    Theyrun in price from about 30.00 to about 3 to 400.00? They are normally a steadfast camper and don't break very much. Mine I thought finially gave up the ghost last year (15 years old) but it just needed a new probe....LOL

    I don't know but Maverick I think is the most popular. I have a couple of old T-72's, its single probe and the least expensive. I think the new T-733 does everything mine does but with two probes. You can set it once and it remembers what you want and had 10 to preset. Pretty fancy.

    Unless you just have to have a dial thermometer, I would probably look at that Maverick T - 733, google it, or check out the AMazin Products sale, 20% off and good people. but I would difinately stick with the new T-733.

    Hope it helps.
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    You can hot smoke bacon. There are quite a few good threads on the subject. You do need to cure the belly, or loin (Canadian) or shoulder (Buck Board Bacon). There are several methods for curing, and two primary cures that most folks use here. You can do a dry cure using Prague cure #1, or Morton's Tender Quick. You can also do a wet brine cure using Prague cure #1.

    Use the search feature here and look up "Pop's Brine". Also look up "Bearcarvers Step by Step Index". You will find all you need to know there.

    For thes I second Foams suggestion. A good multi probe digital therm will be your best friend.

    I personally use iGrill2, and as a back up the MAV 732.

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