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  1. Here is how I currently make my own bacon Hangers. Ironically I use my old metal clothes hangers, after I clean and sanitize them. These work well for a once and done project. I use then throw away. The following pictures are self explantory. Any questions feel free to ask. Dennis

    Thread the sides through
    Detail of hook up

    Close up of hookup

    Hangin with hanger

    If you look closely, you will see that I bent the hanger closer to the bellies so that I could spread them out. Also note the temp probe in the right side.
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    I used hangers myself but I cut them up and made hooks but i was hanging a whole bacon like you..I cut mine to smaller pieces...
  3. Yea I thought about doing them that way, but this involves less work. I have smoked with this hanger about 4 times, and always came out good. Takes a couple of mins per each hanger.
  4. rcullison

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    Effective hangars. Perfect price too. Sweet
  5. Seems like a great idea will try on my next bacon
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    Great idea thanks for posting [​IMG]

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