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  1. I got myself all confused over what I wanted to smoke on Friday, so I made a decision of sorts. Chicken, it is. I'm thinking chicken breasts mostly because I saw some in my grocer's freezer.

    Are these somewhat easy for a newbie (second time smoker)?

    What internal temp. should I attempt?

    What external temp.?

    How long should I smoke them for?

    Thanks again!!!
  2. If doing chicken breasts (hopefully with skin on) then I ALWAYS make an herb butter and put under the skin as the breasts can dry out. 

    Looking for 165F for IT.  I smoke my chicken at 250F for about two hours but I always rely on IT and not time. 

  3. Thanks, Scott!!! Sorry to all for so many questions!
  4. Never be sorry for asking questions!!!!!

  5. hwynboy

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    I'd recommend brining or injecting your chicken breast.  That is the hardest part of the bird to smoke because it's so lean.  It may get somewhat dry if you are just doing the breast alone.  I usually smoke whole chickens, or wings, or quarters and thighs.  I also cook to an IT of 165 then pull it.
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    You can also wrap them in bacon or drape bacon over the top of the breasts to help them from drying out.
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    Pre frozen chicken breasts are best done on the grill at higher temps. You can still smoke them but you'd want to do them at a higher pit temp, say 325-350. Cook them until they hit an IT of 165. You can start them frozen, and that will help with retaining the moisture.

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