lots of grilled and smoke with freinds.but first solo PP

Discussion in 'Grilling Pork' started by rc4u, Jun 9, 2015.

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    well this morning at 10:45 my smike hollow 44 was to temp at 230... put in the 9.7# butt rubbed and stored in fridge last nite and out to counter to warm for and hour... and the smoke was just perfect with apple n' hickory...one burner going...I added 2 chunks after and hour and 20 minutes later a chunk fire...well li was out there and under control in minutes.. and new chunk pan in... now its 5:40 and the bark looks so good I just cant wait...'IT is 159 degrees and the smoker temp has been from 222 to 245 depending on the wind..mostly about 233..... beats the grill holding temp hands down...NOW just cant decide if wrap or naked....just gonna wait till 165 or see stall and decide...only put juice on once so far just minutes ago...later jeff
  2. rc4u

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    oh dang being new I just reread the forum and post is in wrong place...mods can move and sorry...will pay attention next time... 
  3. b-one

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    Snap a pic! Hope it tuns out well!
  4. oldschoolbbq

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    Waiting on results...[​IMG]
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    well this morning at 6 am the IT temp was 199 degrees...now I was excited and didn't even REMEMBER that you don't just pick it up and put it in foil.. you take the tray out and dump upside down on foil....remember that  new smoker cooks..and the juice just was flowing....my wife does not particularly fond of PP..but she kept snacking after 3 hour rest.... im 60 so pics I just don't remember to do ....but I will next time.....I gather the slower you cook the longer it takes...I didn't think it would take that long...as my grill is way different....and I really like the Bluetooth Tayler temp gauge[$49 at target]. just look at temps without going outside every 20 minutes....surprising that my included temp gauge on smoker was like right on at same level.... and I have been lurking here for a while... now  next time I am using a bone in butt as the folded area got pretty hard but good crunch and will use in beans or something...jeff
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    Congratulations , Jeff . Sounds as if you converted the Wife , and at 66y/o , I smoke everytime SWMBO lets me get something , and the Q-view come along with my post . [​IMG]  

    Next time you do a smoke , have a 'Log Book'  with you (just use a theme book for this)   and record all the things you did during the smoke . And on the first

    page make a reminder to take he camera along and send Q-view.

    A        [​IMG]  , is the reply today , but we'll forgive you if you 'remember' next time . . .

    Have fun and . . .

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