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    oriential hot pepper noodle soup..(lol the cure for the common cold)
    to start off this soup requires hot peppers to taste..keep in mind what you can handle..
    noodles..ramen or rice noodles work well
    soup base..most orientials use msg..i choose a light soy and a touch of tamari sauce..fill your pot with enough water to make the required amount of servings..add soy and tamari till it looks like a very light coffee..with spoon at the bottom.. spice to taste..ginger onion garlic..(fish oil optional) ..hot peppers..crushed reds for you light heaters..crushed thai or habenaros for you hotties bring to boil..allow peppers to boil till they have time to boil out the heat from them..if using fresh habenaros slice in half and then boil.(REMOVE AFTER A GOOD BOIL) add vegies..take your pick of what you like..anything goes well..always taste the broth..prior to adding noodles..need more heat ..or less heat..less heat add brown sugar..and remember to make it right the next time..more heat ..go for it ..daves insanity sauce lol..see pic attached.. add noodles when the hot is just right..(spicy)..cook till noodles are soft.. serve but be prepared for heat.. large water glass with ice..
    as winter is apon us this is my recipe for them days when ya got that darn cold bugging ya..the hot peppers get the blood flowing better and it rejuvinates ya..when the sweat starts to roll down your brow..its working lol..just be carefull when ya got to go potty later lol my heat range from a scale of 1 to 10 i choose a 15 here heres the best heat adding sauce i have ever used..be carefull how much ya add..

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