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    We have a nice sized smoker that could probably fit a half pig in it or something.

    We have some brisket and one end is usually fatty and unpleasant to eat, I thought about trying to smoke it up, into jerky.

    Its just I hear fat is bad?

    I'm also not so clear on cooking temps and for how long I read something like 220 deg F for 10-20 minutes after the drying, or the other way around?

    then cook at 160 for 4-6 hours?

    Now here is something about the marinade, I wanted to do something more simple... very simple, or I may just have my dad do what he does to the brisket.  But something like just salt and pepper and maybe garlic pepper?


    Freeze the meat enough so it is easier to cut, into 1/8-1/4" thick with grain strips

    cut off major fat

    make a mix of salt and pepper and garlic pepper

    rub mix into meat

    quickly put it on the smoker before bacteria can grow?

    smoke at 160 deg F for 4-6 hours, then at 220 for 10-20 minutes at end


  2. Hey Awaqa,

    Experimenting is much of the fun of cooking / smoking.  JMHO but... be careful with the salt, start at the light side of what ya think might be good but do be careful of bacterials.  I'm a bit of a germ freak so I use a cure mix, my prep area and racks are sanitized every time, and be sure your IT on the meat gets to at least 145* for at least 30 minutes during your smoke. For jerky I like a chamber temp around 180* and with strips 1/8" - 1/4" my jerky gets done in about 2 to 2 1/2 hours. I had a home built smoker using a hot plate that on cold days ( freezing or below ) only got to 160* it took about 4 hours.  When I think I'm getting close I check every 30 minutes and remove what's done.

    I recently picked up a nice trick from I believe Cougar78 (?).  If you use toothpicks to hang your strips you can get a large amount of meat on one rack which also has the benefit of having all or most of your meat on the same level in your smoker which makes for same chamber temp for all your jerky.

    Also, again, JMHO....after spicing you might get better flavor absorption by letting the meat sit in the fridge at least 4-6 hours.  I do mine 24 hours but again, I'm not using straight salt.

    I'm sure you'll get other good info from others at this site. Great group of people who have taught me much.  Happy Smokin' !


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