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Discussion in 'ECB Owners Group' started by 4kdave, Jul 6, 2014.

  1. I don't know if others have tried to modify their ECB to create adjustable vents on their unit other then drilling holes to let more air in etc.

    I had been trying to find vents like I had on an old Weber Kettle with not much luck but stumbled on a company that sells them and thought I would pass on the info.: Marbeck.com   three vents at $9.99 and $2.19 shipping...$12.18 total. I ordered the kit and will be installing them on my new Brinkman Gourmet ECB
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  2. thinblueduke

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    Good to know!  Unfortunately, it's a bit too late for me, as my charcoal pan and lid already have more holes than the 2013 Chicago Bears defense.
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  3. bobank03

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    there are various ones on amazon.com and most stores that sell weber have them in the parts sections. Unfortunately, not in japan... ( LOL )
  4. bobank03

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    hey 4kdave,

    How about some before and after shots? Is that the charcoal or electric model? I have seen a few of these of craigs list for sale for decent prices. (Brinkmann Gourmet)

    They do make two different sized of those vents as well. 

    Welcome to SMF. Good fun here! 
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  5. orlenz

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    do you remember what brand they are? I just searched and could only find the weber ones that are 10.95 ea plus shipping
  6. Orlenz, the Marbeck part # is 63015.

    You can see the kit by going to "weber grill parts" and go down about 5 or 6 lines.

  7. orlenz

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  8. ron eb

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    Got mine on Amazon.
  9. ron eb

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    Also found two at a local Grill store in the discount bin for a song.
  10. These were 3 for 9.99 and 2.00 shipping
  11. bobank03

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    dont forget some pics when you put them on! 
  12. Hi Bob

    Any tricks to cutting holes through porcelain/steel. Do you need special hole saw?
  13. bobank03

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    Hi Dave, I taped my vent where I wanted it with masking tape. Drew out the holes and then used the biggest drill bit I could find which was a bit smaller than the opening in the vent. It works fine. A little WD 40 and I dimpled the lid with a hammer and nail to get the hole straight.
    Hope this helps?
  14. Thanks Bob, I think that will work. Pics...maybe if someone is helping me.

  15. a step drill is the best tool, but expensive, unless you can beg/.borrow one.
  16. won't it chip the porcelain? and how thick is the steel under the porcelain?
  17. bobank03

    bobank03 Smoking Fanatic

    Not very thick. My guess would be 1/32 of an inch. I didn't have a step drill and they were pretty expensive at the true value so I used 1/2 or 5/8 bit... the holes are smaller than the opening in the vents but it still works fine.
  18. orlenz

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    there is no porcelain on mine, just paint, step drill is the easiest and works good on thin sheetmetal like these, harbor freight has them pretty cheap.
  19. think it is only painted,and very thin, which makes it difficult to drill a neat hole.

    a drill bit will probably tear the metal, and a hole saw is also very aggressive, leaving a very rough cut,

    which will require dressing, that will damage the paint finish.

    a step drill removes 1 mm at a time, until you reach the desired diameter, leaving a clean hole.

    by the way, i tried to buy a set of vents from Marbeck, but the wouldnt ship to the UK, so going to make them  [​IMG]
  20. bobank03

    bobank03 Smoking Fanatic

     @orlenz I just looked online and Harbor Freight has step drill bits, so I'm going to invest $5.99 and buy one. @engineman  if you are drilling into the dome, a little roughness around the hole is a definite, but the vent covers it and you really has no impact up on the dome anyway. 

    Another thought is to keep your eyes and ears open for someone disposing of an old weber grill. They are on Craigslist around here all the time sometimes free or less than $10- and some of them have four or more vents right on them. 

    Do you need the sizes on the vent holes and overall size?  

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